Customer Service Excellence

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Customer Service Excellence is a government backed industry standard that assesses whether services are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering, using 57 different criteria. It ensures that organisations always put their users at the heart of their service provision.

We were the first department in the University to be awarded this standard, and one of the first converged services (eg Library and IT Services) in Higher Education to receive it. In March 2017 we retained the award as well as achieving Compliance Plus in 13 areas.

Why is it important to us?

Customer Service Excellence requires us to look closely at our services, processes and culture, and to make improvements to them where necessary.

It provides a quality framework we use to assess ourselves against.

Key facts

  • We are re-assessed annually, usually around March
  • Customer Service Excellence offers an external, and independent, accreditation
  • We currently hold thirteen 'compliance plus' awards - these are areas where we show innovation, or where we are considered sector leaders

If you're interested in learning more about Customer Service Excellence please contact Jackie Knowles, Head of Customer Services.