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Author Checklist for Policy on the Publication of Research

Research project planning

[Policy paragraph 5.1]

  • Check the REF and funder requirements for publication, including exception policies (see Open Access and the REF, Funder OA policies)
  • Consider whether funding is required to meet funder open access (OA) requirements (it will be possible to meet requirements without additional payments in many cases) (See Funder OA policies)
  • If funding is required, check if it is available from the York Open Access Fund. If not, consider including funding for open access in your grant submission if this allowed by the funder.

Before submission

[Policy paragraph 5.1]

  • Ensure that your publisher of choice will allow you to publish in accordance with the open access requirements for the REF (see Open Access and the REF)
  • If you have an external grant, ensure that your publisher of choice will allow you to comply with your funder(s)’s policy (see Funder OA policies, Journal policies)
  • Check whether you can comply with requirements without additional funding (for example, by using the green route to OA)
  • If you require funding [Policy paragraph 5.10]
    • Check whether it is available from the York Open Access Fund (YOAF); if so apply for funding online
    • If YOAF funding is not available, check whether there is another source of funding. If not, consider whether you need to change your publisher of choice.
    • If your publisher of choice does not meet REF or funder requirements, check whether exceptions are permitted and, if so, how they should be recorded, before submitting your output. You may need to consider changing where you publish.

On submission

  • Provide the publisher with your ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) iD, either on your manuscript or on the submission form [Policy paragraph 5.2]
  • Ensure that the University and your department is acknowledged on the output using the standard format [Policy paragraph 5.3]
  • Ensure that any research funding which contributed to your output is acknowledged, including the grant number [Policy paragraph 5.4]
  • Are you clear who will hold copyright for your publication? Have you considered whether you can retain copyright? [Policy paragraph 5.5]

On acceptance

  • Create a metadata record for your output in PURE [Policy paragraph 5.6]
  • For journal articles and conference papers: deposit the final peer-reviewed, corrected and accepted draft (post-print) version of your paper to PURE [Policy paragraph 5.7] (See Deposit your research)

On publication

  • Add the date of publication to the output record in PURE
  • For outputs other than journal articles or conference papers: deposit an appropriate copy of your output to PURE. If this is not possible you should deposit in another suitable repository and add a link to the output from the PURE metadata record. [Policy paragraph 5.8]

Getting help

Please see the Policy on the Publication of Research with Guidance web page for more information.

Advice is available from: