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Policy on the deposit of taught master-level dissertations in the University Library

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This policy explains how to deposit electronic format dissertations in York Digital Library after which they are available to University members and users of the Library walk-in service.

It applies to dissertations submitted by University students on taught Masters level programmes which have been marked and awarded at least a ‘pass’ grade.


1. Policy

1.1 Dissertations by students on taught masters programmes at the University of York will be accepted for deposit in the University Library in electronic form only. Paper copies will no longer be accepted.

1.2 Academic departments can choose whether to deposit (a) all dissertations awarded a ‘pass’ or above; (b) a selection of dissertations awarded a ‘pass’ or above; or (c) none at all.

1.3 All dissertations deposited will be stored in perpetuity unless the academic department or the University Library identifies a need for withdrawal based on a set of defined criteria. In the case of withdrawal for reasons of collection and space management, dissertations will be kept for a minimum of 6 years from the date of submission, or from last download.

1.4 All dissertations deposited to the Library will be made available online to University Members and to the public as ‘walk-in’ users of the University Library in like with the existing ‘walk-in’ service. The academic department may opt to make all of the dissertations they deposit publicly accessible online.


2. Scope

2.1 The dissertations covered by this policy are those submitted by students on taught masters-level programmes at the University of York and which have been marked and awarded at least a ‘pass’ grade. (PhD and MRes dissertations are covered by the White Rose ETheses Online (WREO) repository).


3. Oversight

3.1 The University Library is responsible for overseeing the policy on the deposit of dissertations.


4. Responsibilities

4.1 The academic department and the University Library are responsible for obtaining consent from dissertation authors and providing information and support on copyright and data protection requirements.

4.2 Dissertation authors are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to the conditions of the deposit licence.

4.3 The University Library is responsible for providing a deposit mechanism.


5. Policy implementation documents

5.1 This document and related method statement are available at:

5.2 Digital Library policies:

5.3 Guidelines for submitting masters dissertations:

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Document history

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