Information Services Complaints Method Statement

Receipt of complaints

1. Information Services welcomes feedback from about the services it provides. It provides a number of channels by which to provide this including the Library Help Desk, IT Support Office, email contacts, social media, and comment cards.

2. Complaints are brought to the attention of the relevant team when they are received. The aim is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. An initial response to the complainant will be made within a maximum of three working days.

3. All feedback and complaints (with the exception of sensitive complaints) are collated and reviewed by staff to ensure an appropriate responses has been (or will be) provided. A summary is reviewed monthly by managers with the Information Services Directorate and follow­up actions are identified. Responses are given to those users who request it.

4. Anonymised detail about feedback received and our response to it is made available on the Information Services website.

5. All Information Services front line staff receive training and information about dealing with complaints.

General procedure

6. If the complaint concerns a service or facility that is provided by Information Services, the appropriate service manager takes responsibility for resolving the complaint and responding to the complainant if contact details have been provided.

7. If the complaint concerns services provided by other parts of the University, or academic matters, the complaint is recorded and the information forwarded to the relevant University department for action. In some cases we may aggregate complaints (eg comments about building temperature) before passing them on.

8. If a complainant is not satisfied with the initial resolution, the complaint will be escalated to Head of Group or a Senior Manager as appropriate. If a complaint remains unresolved, the complainant can escalate the matter to the Director of Information Services using contacts provided on our web pages. If a complainant is not satisfied with the response received from Information Services, an appeal can be made to the Registrar and Secretary of the University, whose decision will be final.

Document history and status

April 2013 Approved by Information Directorate Senior Management Team
April 2014 Amended and approved by Information Directorate Senior Management Team
January 2017 Reviewed by Information Services Senior Management Team


Review cycle: Two yearly

Date of next review: January 2019