Information Services Complaints Policy

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This policy explains how complaints are dealt with.

It applies to all members of Information Services and all users of services provided by Information Services.


1. Policy

1.1 The purpose of this policy and procedure is to specify how Information deals with complaints that it receives.

1.2 Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of the Information Directorate.

1.3 Grounds for complaint include failure to deliver a service on time, failure to deliver a service to the quality expected, poor customer service, problems with members of staff or problems with the environment we provide.

1.4 Complaints should be dealt with as close to their source, and as informally, as possible.

1.5 An initial response to the complainant will be provided within three working days and a final resolution will be provided within a reasonable timeframe.

1.6 Members of an investigative panel must not be judges in their own case or act in any case in which conflict of interest may arise.

1.7 A complainant, and any person who is the subject of a complaint, has the right to be accompanied when appearing before any investigative panel.

1.8 The privacy and confidentiality of the complainant, and any person who is the subject of a complaint, will be respected, subject to the need for a fair and open investigation and for the outcome of the investigation to be reported appropriately.

1.9 Where a complaint is upheld, appropriate remedial action will be taken. The Information Directorate does not offer any financial compensation for complaints upheld but may waive charges incurred in cases where complaints are upheld.

1.10 Where a complaint is received about a third party (eg a student witnesses another student engaging in inappropriate behaviour online), the Directorate will make every effort to investigate and take suitable action. Such complaints may be provided anonymously, and if so, will be treated in exactly the same way as any other complaint.

1.11 For issues or complaints which involve alleged IT mediated harassment, these will be dealt with under the terms of the University of York’s policy on Harassment. The means of delivery of the alleged harassment is immaterial and Information staff will transfer such cases to the appropriate authority.

1.12 Information Directorate staff aim to treat people with respect and politeness, and expect this in return. Information reserves the right not to investigate complaints that is considers to be frivolous or malicious.


2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all members of the Information Directorate and all users of services provided by the Directorate.


3. Oversight

3.1 The Director of Information has oversight of all complaints within the Information Directorate.

3.2 If a complainant is not satisfied with the response received from the Information Directorate, an appeal can be made to the Registrar and Secretary of the University, whose decision will be final.


4. Policy implementation documents

4.1 This document, together with related information security policies and implementation documents is available at:

Document history

Document history

30 April 2013 Approved by Information Directorate Senior Management Team
December 2014 Amended and approved by Information Directorate Senior Management Team
January 2017 Reviewed by Information Services Senior Management Team


Review cycle: Two years

Date of next review: January 2019