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Research Computing Working Group

The Research Computing Working Group was set up in September 2013 as a sub-committee of University IT Committee, and is chaired by Matt Probert, Physics.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To provide a representative forum for the coordination and oversight of the University’s provision of research computing.

  2. To enhance the use and role of research computing within the University by training, encouraging take up of services, and developing an ongoing strategy and funding model.

  3. To consider the implications for research computing as a consequence of strategic decisions made by other bodies in the University and elsewhere.

  4. To provide information on requirements and priorities of the academic departments and centres for research computing facilities and services.

  5. To keep academic departments and centres informed of research computing developments and of those relevant aspects of the University's IT Strategy.

  6. To report to IT Committee and Research Committee.

Further details

Detailed information about the Working Group and its meetings can be found on the Research Computing Working Group's wiki pages.



Lorraine Moor (RCWG Secretary)