Library Committee



The Library Committee provides a forum for open discussion of matters relating to the Library and its services. It is a sub-committee of the Information Strategy Group (ISG). Normally the Committee meets once a term.

Next Agenda

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 25th October and papers are available to members on the Library Committee Wiki Page.

Meetings for the 2017/18 Academic Year

The Committee meets at on the Wednesday afternoon in Week 5 (usually) of each term.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the information needs and service requirements of the University and, in the case of Archives, external users

  2. To consider and contribute to the development of University-wide information strategies, policies, services and resources

  3. To discuss strategic requirements and priorities which will inform the Information Services Directorate's budget setting

  4. To share and disseminate information and good practice with respect to the provision of Library and Archives services, in partnership between users and the Library and Archives staff

  5. To report to the Information Strategy Group

  6. To ensure that Library strategy, policies and services take account of equality of opportunity



The membership of Library Committee is:

  • Departmental Library Representatives

  • Director of Information Services

  • Deputy Director (Information Services)

  • Assistant Director of Information (Archives)

  • Three undergraduate representatives nominated by the Students’ Union (one being the Academic Officer)

  • One graduate representative nominated by the Graduate Student's Association

  • One non-University representative for Archives

Other members of Library and Archives staff will also be in attendance at meetings.


Minutes are available to members on the Library Committee Wiki Page.

Library Representatives

Departmental Library Representatives

Chair of Library Committee Dr H Altink
Secretary of Library Committee Mrs F Woodham
Director of Information Services Mrs H Fraser-Krauss
Academic Practice M Pearson
Archaeology Camilla Speller
Biology Dr P Walrad
Borthwick Mr C Webb
Chemistry Dr M Bates
Computer Science Dr A Bors
CRD Ms K E Wright
Economics TBC
Education (inc. IEE) Dr K El Ebyary 
Environment Dr M Cotton
Electronic Engineering Mr N R Jackson / Dr B Baruah
English Mr G Younge
Health Economics Mr J Gaughan
Health Sciences

Dr M Kanaan

History Prof. D Wootton
History of Art Dr C Kinsey
HYMS Dr P Wohland
Information Services Mrs L Waller
IPC M Bianco
Language & Linguistic Science Kobin Kendrick
Law Dr K Wright
Lifelong Learning Mr I Barr
Mathematics Prof. E Sklyanin
Medieval Studies Sarah Rees Jones
Music Mr R Hollingworth
Philosophy Mr D Morgan
Physics Dr J Wu 
Politics Dr J Milburn
Psychology Dr T Hartley
Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Dr M Jenner
Social Policy & Social Work Roy Sainsbury
Sociology Dr C Buse
Theatre, Film & Television Professor M Cordner
TYMS Mr S Hamilton
Women's Studies Dr A Kaloski-Naylor
Students' Union
(including International Undergraduate Students)

Julian Porch (YUSU Academic Officer)

Kimi Smith (Student Engagement Development Officer)
Matthew Worrall, Faculty Rep for Arts & Humanities
Brontë Wright, Faculty Rep for Social Sciences
Bethan Gregory, Department Rep for Environment

Graduate Student Association
(including International Graduate Students)
Charlotte Chamberlain