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50 years of information

Along with the rest of the University, we celebrated the 50th anniversary in the Information Directorate in 2013.

Find out how our services have evolved over the years...


When the University opened, the Library was housed on the top floor of Heslington Hall, with a collection of 20,000 books.

There are now over a million items in stock.


The Borthwick Institute for Archives celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013. It was part of York’s aim to develop academic study within the city – which would eventually lead to the founding of a university. The Borthwick was one of the University's founding departments.

IT Services

There have been computing facilities at the University since 1966.

But there was once a time when it seemed unbelievable that the University would generate more than 12Mb of data...

Come and see our timeline

We've gathered some highlights from the history of all three services into a timeline display on the ground floor of the Fairhurst building.

Did you know that taking a terminal classroom out of use, however unintentionally, was once seen as meriting an impromptu swim in the lake...

A panoramic image of the timeline display on the ground floor of the Harry Fairhurst.