Casual Payroll Claims

Casual workers submit timesheets using the Casual Payroll digital form

New Casual workers must also register in person with Human Resources in Heslington Hall (any worker, 8.30 am to 5 pm) or Careers (student workers only, 10 am to 3 pm) before starting work.  Guides to registration are also provided in the HR Help Centre.


When you submit a timesheet it passes to the department you are working for to process and approve (or reject). If approved, it passes to Payroll to organise payment.


Workers FAQ

Q. I realised I made an error on my claim form after submission. Who should I contact to have it corrected?

A. Please contact your Hiring Department.

Q. I have erroneously submitted a claim form and need it deleted. Who should I contact to have it deleted?

A. Please contact your Hiring Department.

Q. When should I expect to be paid?

A. University of York Payrolls run monthly; a timetable is provided of submission dates for each payroll. Claim forms should be submitted to your departmentent on a weekly basis at least two to three working days before the Payroll deadline (by 10am on the day) to allow time for checking and processing.

Q. Is there an explanation of my Payslip?

A. See this example: Casual worker payslip example (PDF , 523kb)

Q. Is there any text I shouldn't use in the Forms?

A. When typing text, please do not use the Return key or / or \ or quotation marks or '%' or ‘#’ or ‘&’ or ‘$’ or any foreign language accent symbols when completing the Forms as any of these will cause issues with the data being submitted to the department being worked for.

Q. What if I'm stuck on a particular part of the form and can't get any further or if using a timesheet wish to enter my hours on a daily basis and only submit at the end of the week?

A. Use the 'Save and Resume' link at the bottom of the page; email the link to yourself and keep it safe. This then provides time to ask for help and/or locate the information required for the form or to return to each day to add in hours.

Q. When should I complete a claim?

A. Claims should be submitted on a weekly basis, as the University cannot guarantee being able to process claims if they are submitted in large numbers and large claims in a single month may result in you paying higher National Insurance contributions. If you are working in more than one department in the same week a separate claim is required for each department.


Q. What is a National Insurance (NI) number?


A. This number makes sure there is a record of the National Insurance contributions and Income Tax you pay in the UK. It is also a reference number for the entire social security system and each number is unique and is made up of letters and numbers e.g. QQ123456A. Your national insurance number never changes even if you go abroad, marry, register as a civil partner or change your name.


Q Why do I need a National Insurance number?


A. The University needs this so that we can organise your tax and contributions at the correct rates through our payroll system.


Q. I don’t have a computer to complete the online form?


A. The form can be completed using a tablet or a smartphone.  If these options are not available please contact the department you are working for, and they can fill out the form on your behalf as paper versions of the form are not available.

Q. How do I ask for a P45 from the University?

A. Please email details to Payroll, at, including your full name, date of birth and National Insurance number so we can identify your records correctly.

Q. What is a P60 Form?

A. The P60 Form is a UK Government Form sent to a worker at the end of the tax year each April (unless they have left) by an employer summarising how much has been paid over the year.  The P60 is sent to the casual worker's contact address.  If the worker has left their employer, pay is summarised on the P45 form sent when a worker leaves. See UK Government guidance:

Q. How do I handle breaks on my timesheet?

A. Anyone working more than six hours per day should take a 30 minute break, and the hours entered in the Timesheet should reflect this.  For casual workers breaks are not usually paid. See also

Q. I have worked one single session morning to afternoon.  How does this work on the timesheet?

A. Please split into morning and afternoon work, bearing in the mind the requirements to take a break.


Q. Do I receive holiday pay?

A. Yes; any workers being paid an hourly rate have holiday pay automatically calculated on the electronic timesheet (12.07% of pay) and added to their pay each month.


Q. My hourly rate is not listed on the timesheet. What do I do?

A. Select 'Non standard rate' from the list and manually type in your rate in the box that appears.


Q. What if I don't have a UK Bank account?

A. Payroll can normally only process and pay to a UK Bank account. Where no UK Bank account can be provided (e.g. because the worker is resident overseas) please claim through the normal process and the University will request an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) ( ) to organise Payment via an alternative method.

Q. What if I change my bank account or address?


A. Inform the University by emailing Payroll (, including your full name, date of birth and National Insurance number so we can identify your records correctly.  


Q. Where does my payslip go?


A. It will be posted to the contact address you provided


Q. Will claims submitted in advance of the hours being worked be paid?

A. Claims submitted in advance of the hours being worked will not be paid under any circumstances.


Q. What if I work in more than one department in the same week?

A. Complete a claim form for each department and they will be processed individually.


Q. My working hours in the department are complicated this week and there aren’t enough boxes on the timesheet.

A.  Two options.  Firstly, use the start and end time boxes to reflect the total hours worked, and use the task description box to itemise the precise times worked.  Alternatively, as a last resort, submit a second timesheet for approval.

Q. I fill in a timesheet once a week, and have to fill in the same details on the first section of the form (name, email address etc.) every time.  Is there an easier way?

A. Most web browsers provide ‘autofill’ features that will pre populate forms automatically once they are setup.  

Q. I haven’t got the facilities to scan my receipts for expenses claims and don’t have a smartphone or other device to take a photo of them.

A. Please contact your hiring department - they may be able to scan the receipts for you and return the images for you to use when completing the form.  Or otherwise notify Payroll that receipts have been received.

Q. Why does the timesheet week start on a Sunday?

A. In payroll processing weeks always start on a Sunday, rather than a Monday, which is why the timesheet starts on a Sunday.

Departments FAQ

Q. Is there an overview of the process?

A. A visual diagram of the process is provided: Casual payroll process (PDF , 31kb)

Q. Where can I find guidance on HR aspects of casual workers?


A.  See

Q Can the worker be paid gross (i.e. without Tax or National Insurance)?

A. This is an immensely complex question as it is governed by HMRC rules that are outside the scope of the University’s control. It is recommended if this question arises that before any claim is made the worker should complete the University Employment Status Service (ESS) Checklist (MS Word , 53kb) and submit it to Payroll ( who will then assess it and decide.  A helpful check, though not always foolproof, is that if a worker cannot produce a UTR (Unique Tax Reference number) from HMRC then they are not self employed.


Q. Does the casual worker receive notification when a claim form is rejected?

A. Yes, by email.  They also receive the reason for rejection comment the approver has entered and thus care should be taken to ensure the reason given for rejection entered is appropriate.


Q. What if the claim approver(s) in the department is on holiday or otherwise absent?

A. We recommend each department has at least one alternative approver in the workflow.


Q. Can I pass the form to a colleague to check or review outside the standard workflow?


A. Yes, forward the email with the form to process to your colleague.


Q. Can I forward approval emails to another person in my department to Approve?


A. Yes; it works as a link in the email though to maintain a true audit trail it is recommended the recipient also replies to the email to say the claim is approved.


Q. I’ve opened the email with link to the claim to complete the department information but the claim number is missing when I open the workers claim form and/or there is no link to the claim in the email?


A. Please resolve as follows:

1. First of all please make sure you are not using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Outlook. There is a known issue with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge and also if Microsoft Outlook is used to open these emails; please open the link using another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, both of which are provided on University desktops as standard, and use Google mail instead of Outlook.

2. If the above does not apply then the source of what the issue can usually be found by checking the line in your department’s Google sheet that shows the claim for odd characters such as '%' or ‘#’ or ‘&’ or ‘$’ in text columns such as the Expenses description.  Standard resolution - ask the worker to re-submit, this time without the character(s) that are causing the problem.

Q. What if the worker submits a very late claim several months after the work has been done?


A. Process the claim as normal but please ensure the claim is paid at the hourly rate at the time of the work being undertaken, not what the current rate which may have changed.

Q. How should casual workers claim expenses?

A. Via the relevant section of the electronic form.  When completing the form detailing the any travel claims including starting point, destination and purpose should be entered.

Q. When processing a claim if the worker has made errors how do I correct them?  

A. Some data, particularly Expenses/Timesheets, can be amended by the department processor before being submitted for approval.  If the data can be corrected (e.g. hourly rate) edit the data when processing the form and process as normal.  

Q. What do I do if the departmental approver formally rejects the claim in workflow?

A. If the reason for rejection can be corrected by the department processor then open the link in the claim email again and process again from the start, correcting the necessary data.   If not ask the worker to submit a new, and corrected claim.  


Q. I’ve received a claim but it is not a worker in my department - what do I do?


A. Simply forward the email the claim link to the correct department, who can then process it and correct the department the worker selected originally to ensure the workflow is changed.

Q. Can I split a casual workers claim, e.g. if they have included multiple weeks work on the timesheet?

A. Yes, use the link in the notification email to complete two submissions, editing the timesheet on each to separate out the hours worked for each week.

Q. What hourly rates can be used for casual workers?

A. The E-Form provides a drop down list of available rates. To request new standard rates be added please contact the HR Rewards Team, otherwise workers can use the 'Non standard rate' option which allows the manual entry of a rate on the timesheet.

Q. How should an existing University employee undertaking casual work, on top of their regular salaried work, make a claim?

A. With one exception, exactly as other casual workers. The exception: please instruct the worker on the first page of the claim form to answer "Yes" when asked if they have registered before and also when asked if they have claimed before. This is because Payroll will already have all their details from their existing University work, and thus they don't have to complete the new starter part of the casual form.

Q. Can casual workers use the Expenses section just for Expenses on its own, without any Timesheet claim also being paid?

A. No; the Expenses section is for claiming expenses associated with Hourly paid work, not expenses on their own.  Such claims should be made via Accounts Payable instead via the visitor expense forms:

Q. When approving a claim if it is an error in processing, e.g. incorrect workorder, how do I correct this without having to formally reject the claim and involve the worker?

A. Contact the person who processed the claim and ask them to go back to the claim email, open the claim and process again this time with the correct workorder.  A second approval email is then generated which can be used to approve the claim

Q. Will the solution automatically stop me approving the same claim twice?

A. No; this is the key part of the solution to be careful and well organised with, particularly if not using generic email accounts in this process.  Approvers should communicate clearly when they are absent due to holidays etc. to their alternate so they know what to approve and not to approve.


1. For casual workers, any queries, please contact your Hiring Department.


2. For Hiring Departments, please contact the HR Casual workers team if you have any right to work questions or queries re casual worker usage via or 01904 326389.


3. For Hiring Departments, please contact the Payroll team if you have any payment queries via or 01904 322115.


Payroll, Room H/G06a, Heslington Hall, University of York, York, YO10 5DD


4. For technical questions on Formstack and user administration requests please contact the Finance systems team in IT Services via