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YCL Careers

Working for YCL offers much more than just a job. Our opportunities for progression make working for YCL a great option for anyone looking to build a career. 

We spoke to some of our colleagues about how they started their career with YCL, how they progressed and what tips they'd give to anyone thinking of starting their career journey with YCL. 

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John is a Retail Assistant at our Nisa Kimberlow store and we asked him to tell us a little bit about what it’s like to work for YCL, what his favourite parts of the job are, and what advice he’d give to anyone thinking of applying for a role here.

John's career

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Bev is a Retail Supervisor who recently celebrated her 15th anniversary at YCL. We asked her what she’s learned during her time with us and what her top tips are for success at YCL.


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Stuart is a Retail Supervisor in our Nisa Market Square outlet. He talked us through some of his favourite parts of his job and what it's like working for YCL. 



Stuart's career

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Catering Outlet Manager

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