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Vision, Mission and Values (PDF , 80kb)

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Customer Care and Charter

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Environmental and ethical impact

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between YCL and Commercial Services?

The answer is simple, there are no differences. YCL is short for York Commercial Ltd, which is the company trading name. However since the company began we have expanded from just running York Conferences, and now run a wide range of Commercial Services at the University of York. Sometimes you will see our YCL logo/branding, other times you will see us referred to as Commercial Services. 

Are jobs at YCL available to students?

Yes, we'd love you to join our team! You can check out our jobs board for the latest vacancies, or follow our Facebook page for updates. We're always looking for casual team members in different departments, so if you're interested please email your CV to

What is the difference between YCL and the University?

At YCL we run a whole range of commercial services across the University campus. We're a separate company to the University which lets us do things a little bit differently. At the end of the year we donate all our profits back to the University, which helps improve the facilities and services for all of us.

Social media

We use social media to communicate with our target audiences. This often includes students and staff at the University of York, but it also includes external audiences. We also use our general social media to communicate with staff, or potential new staff. 

General Commercial Services

Eat at York / Retail 

These two accounts have a combined social media for students and staff at the University of York.

York Conferences

York Science Park & Guildhall

Design and Print

York Sport