Academic Support Office Staff

Team Leaders

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Nigel Dandy Head of Academic Support Office 01904 322154
Jane Iddon AQ Team Leader and Secretary to the University Teaching Committee 01904 323849
Duncan Jackson  Head of Academic Practice and PGCAP Programme Director 01904 324843
Cecilia Lowe Head of Learning Enhancement 01904 321142
Richard Walker Head of Programme Design and Learning Technology 01904 321138
Julia Hampshire Executive Assistant and Administration Manager 01904 322155

Faculty Learning Enhancement Project Managers

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Katy Mann Benn 

Faculty Learning Enhancement Project Manager - Sciences

01904 323283
David Gent Faculty Learning Enhancement Project Manager - Arts and Humanities 01904 323284
Jan Ball Faculty Learning Enhancement Project Manager - Social Sciences 01904 328426

Academic Quality

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Andrea Boam AQ Archaeology, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media and Weald & Downland Living Museum 01904 324341

Elizabeth Allen AQ Arts & Humanities and University Teaching Committee Minute Secretary 01904 322156

Sally O'Connor AQ Sciences and International Pathway College  01904 323632
Juliet James AQ TYMS and SPSW, Secretary to Online and Distance Learning Forum 01904 324310
Adrian Lee AQ Social Sciences, HYMS and Secretary to HYMS Joint Senate Committee 01904 322018 

Academic Practice

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Maeve Pearson  Senior Academic Practice Adviser 01904 322920
Phil Robinson-Self Academic Practice Adviser 01904 322109
Lucy Turner-Voakes Academic Practice Adviser 01904 322478
Helen Alcelik Academic Practice Adviser 01904 324425

Learning Enhancement

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Victoria Jack  Writing and Language Skills Centre Manager 01904 322462

James Chantry

Associate Lecturer, Writing and Language Skills Centre 01904 324576
Cristina Iacobone Tutor, Writing and Language Skills Centre 01904 324505
Dawn Lindsay Tutor, Writing and Language Skills Centre 01904 324575
Karon Rickatson Associate Lecturer, Writing and Language Skills Centre 01904 323478
Louise Stringer Associate Lecturer, Writing and Language Skills Centre 01904 324935
Sue Russell
Maths Skills Centre Manager 01904 324936
Anna Riach Statistics and Mathematics Adviser 01904 324934

Stephen Gow Academic Integrity Co-ordinator 01904 321135
Tamlyn Ryan Academic Skills Co-ordinator 01904 321134
Maths Skills Centre contact:
Writing and Language Skills Centre contact:

Programme Design and Learning Technology 

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Jonathan Ayto Online Learning Application Support Officer 01904 323209
Nathan Page Educational Adviser (Online Learning) 01904 321179 
Wayne Britcliffe

Digital Learning Resources Co-ordinator 

01904 321141 
Rob Shaw

Educational Adviser & Faculty Contact for Arts and Humanities

01904 322488
Amy Eyre E-Learning Support Officer 01904 321131
Andrew Parkinson VLE Application Manager 01904 321140
Lilian Soon

Educational Adviser and Faculty Contact for Social Sciences

01904 321177
James Youdale

Educational Adviser & Lecture Recording Coordinator and Faculty Contact for Sciences

01904 321143
Robynne Blissett

E-Learning Support Officer

01904 321179

Administration Team

NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail

Jessica Roehricht

Academic Support Administrator

01904 323850

Margaret McAllister

Academic Support Administrator

01904 323581
Rachel McCormack Programme Coordinator 01904 324844
Angela Ranson
Academic Support Coordinator 01904 322480

Jen Gibbard Skills Centre Co-ordinator 01904 324934