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Want to know what the faculty board does?

Sciences Faculty Board

Members of the board

Professor Brian Fulton
Dean, Faculty of Sciences Ex-officio
Professor James Moir
Head of Department, Biology Ex-officio
Professor Duncan Bruce
Head of Department, Chemistry Ex-officio
Professor Neil Audsley
Head of Department, Computer Science Ex-officio
Professor Andy Tyrrell

Head of Department, Electronics

Professor Roland Gehrels
Head of Department, Environment and Geography Ex-officio
Professor Karl Atkin
Head of Department, Health Sciences Ex-officio
Professor Una Macleod
Dean, Hull York Medical School Ex-officio
Professor Niall Mackay
Head of Department, Mathematics Ex-officio
Professor Kieran Gibson
Head of Department, Physics Ex-officio
Professor Mike Burton
Head of Department, Psychology Ex-officio
Dr Roddy Vann
Director of Natural Sciences Ex-officio
To be confirmed   ‘Cross bencher’ Arts and Humanities Faculty

To be confirmed

  ‘Cross bencher’ Social Sciences Faculty
Dr Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer
Elected from Department of Psychology Elected representative 3 year term
Dr Jamie Wood 
Elected from Department of Mathematics Elected representative 3 year term
Dr Lorna Fraser 
Elected from Department of Health Sciences Elected representative 3 year term
Professor Irene D'Amico 
Elected from Department of Physics Elected representative 3 year term
Dr Kelly Redeker
Elected from Department of Biology Elected representative 3 year term
Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak
Elected from Department of Computer Science Elected represntative 3 year term

Daniel Ghete

Postgraduate Student Representative Elected representative

Felicity Maiden

Undergraduate Student Representative Elected representative

In attendance

Professor Sarah Thompson
Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Sciences In attendance
Dr Steve King
Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning and Students), Faculty of Sciences  In attendance
Ros Roberts 
Department Manager, Physics In attendance as representative of the Faculty Administrative Support Group
Lucy Hudson
Operations Manager Department of Biology In attendance as representative of the Faculty Technical Support Group
Helen Foster
Human Resources Partner (Sciences) In attendance
Michelle Squires
Management Accountant (Sciences) In attendance
Dr Russell Grant
Planning Officer (Sciences) In attendance
Michelle Hughes
Planning Officer (Education and Health) In attendance

Natalie Armstrong

Operations Manager (Sciences) In attendance

Becky Bleaden

PA to Dean In attendance

Giang Nguyen

YUSU Academic Officer In attendance