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Want to know what the faculty board does?

Arts and Humanities
Faculty Board

Members of the board

Professor Ambrose Field
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Ex-officio
Professor Nicky Milner

Head of Department, Archaeology Ex-officio
Dr Helen Smith
Head of Department, English Ex-officio
Professor Lawrence Black
Head of Department, History Ex-officio
Professor Michael White
Head of Department, History of Art Ex-officio
Professor Dunstan Brown
Head of Department, Language and Linguistic Science Ex-officio
Áine Sheil
Head of Department, Music Ex-officio
Professor Alan Thomas
Head Department, Philosophy Ex-officio
Professor Duncan Petrie
Head of Department, Theatre, Film and Interactive Media  Ex-officio

Irene D'Amico

Department of Physics ‘Cross bencher’ Sciences Faculty
Professor Caroline Hunter
Head of the York Law School ‘Cross bencher’ Social Sciences Faculty

Dr Jeremy Goldberg

Elected from the History Department

Elected representative
1 year term 
Serving until October 2019

Dr Tom Cantrell
Elected from the Theatre, Film and Interactive Media Department

Elected representative
3 year term

Stephanie Wynne-Jones
Elected from the Department of Archaeology

Elected representative

Jeanne Nuechterlein

Elected from the Department of History of Art

Elected representative

Camilla Pederiva
Undergraduate Student Representative

Elected representative

Amy Hopkins

Postgraduate Student Representative

Elected representative

In attendance

Gill Chitty

Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning

In attendance
Richard Ogden

Associate Dean for Research

In attendance

Janet Haffegee

Human Resources Partner (Arts and Humanities) In attendance
Geoff Harrison 
Planning Officer (Arts and Humanities) In attendance
Karen Jones
Management Accountant In attendance

Sarah Atkinson

PA to the Dean

In attendance

Catherine Hardman
Research Development Manager (Arts and Humanities)

In attendance

Jamie Holliday
Operations Manager

In attendance

Matt Jonstone
YUSU Academic Officer In attendance