Rowland Atkinson



  • PhD (Greenwich)
  • BSc (Kingston)

Rowland Atkinson is Director of the Research Centre for the Social Sciences (ReCSS) and Reader in Urban Studies and Criminology. He is also Deputy Director of the Centre for URBan Research (Centre for URBan Research).

Following his doctorate (on gentrification and displacement in greater London) in 1997 Rowland started work as a research fellow at the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow in 1997 where he became a lecturer in 2004. While in Glasgow he developed a strong interest in the experience of poverty and social exclusion, and the response of policymakers and the public to these issues. While there he was involved in a wide range of research projects, including studies of poverty/area effects, gentrification and the rise of gated communities.

In 2005 he moved to Australia to become Director of the Housing and Community Research Unit at the University of Tasmania. It was here that he led national initiatives to raise the profile of urban affairs, and public housing more specifically. He started work at the University of York in 2009 where he has taken a more emphatic interest in questions of social harm, urban life and crime more generally. He is the author, co-author or editor of over 80 articles, chapters and reports.






Research interests:

  • The harms generated by inequality in cities
  • Informal social control, civility, public space and city vitality
  • Forms of social insulation and segregation in cities
  • Gentrification and neighbourhood change, urban regeneration and housing renewal
  • Extreme social conduct in virtual spaces (videogaming and pornography)

My work takes social problems as the focus and basis of my empirical, theoretical and applied research. Since my doctoral work on the displacement of households from gentrification in London I have been concerned with the lack of attention on these issues. My research has endeavoured to connect the choices of affluent and rich households with the traditional foci of much sociological and social geographical work which has tended to emphasise the poor, disorderly and excluded without seeing these issues as symptoms of the divisions and inequalities of many urban, housing and social systems. A central aim of my work has been to integrate high income groups into sociological and public debates about urban disorder, anti-social behaviour and inequalities of access to security and safety.

Today my work is primarily focused on the way that crime and disorder have shaped rich and middle-class life in the city; not least their consumption and relative ‘fortification’ of domestic spaces, and their inclination to seek the domestication of public spaces outside their front doors (often seen in both the control and privatisation of public space). My work with Sarah Blandy (School of Law, University of Leeds) on gated communities and fortress homes continues to question how and why better-off households move into such dwellings, and to challenge thinking around the inevitability or desirability of these patterns. My current project on the super-rich in London (with Roger Burrows, Goldsmiths University) is also a major step in beginning to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the city in the impacts of changes in the social structure and wealth over the past decade can be effectively charted.

Current projects

  • A year in the life of the Alpha-Territory (ESRC)
  • Patterns of wealth investment between London and Hong Kong (ESRC-HKRGC)
  • The Murder Box - Virtual spaces of social exception
  • Fortress homes and the defence of domesticity
  • No-go urban areas


Rowland is keen to work with research students with interests around the intersecting areas of urban, housing, political and criminological studies in line with his research experience to date.


Selected publications

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  • Atkinson, R. (2006) Padding the bunker: Strategies of middle-class disaffiliation and colonisation in the city, Urban Studies. 43, 4, pp. 819-832.
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  • Atkinson, R. and Flint, J. (2004) Fortress UK? Gated communities, the spatial revolt of the elites and time-space trajectories of segregation, Housing Studies, 19, 6, pp. 875-892.
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Full publications list

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