The York Deviancy Conference

29th June to 1st July 2011

Critical perspectives on crime, deviance, disorder and social harm

Conference Programme

York Deviancy Conference Programme (PDF  , 622kb)  This was updated on 22 June 2011

Many notable criminologists from around the world will join us in York to consider crime, deviancy, social harm and the future of our discipline.

Our confirmed plenary speakers are: Jock Young, Stan Cohen, Alex Callinicos, Roy Bailey, Frances Heidensohn, Tony Jefferson, Paul Walton, Pat Carlen, Jeff Ferrell, Kester Aspden, Rob White, Steve Hall, Keith Hayward, Sandra Walklate

Other attractions

A roundtable discussion on the lasting influence of the original National Deviancy Conferences

  • Tony Jefferson reflects on Policing the Crisis
  • Jock Young discusses his new book, The Criminological Imagination
  • Alex Callinicos analyses the harms of the current financial crisis
  • Eugene McLaughlin, Katja Franko Aas, Jeff Ferrell and Mary Bosworth on What is Criminology? Current and Future Challenge
  • Elliot Currie, Kevin Stenson, Simon Hallsworth and John Lea on Critical Criminology and the State
  • Roger Matthews, Robert Reiner and Simon Winlow address Debates on the Left
  • Rob White, Reece Walters, Nigel South, Ragnhild Sollund and Diane Solomon Westerhuis consider Critical Perspectives on Environmental Crime and Environmental Harms
  • Vincenzo Ruggiero, Joe Sim and Mark Horsley consider Contemporary Issues in Criminology
  • Kester Aspden, author of Nationality: Wog. The Hounding of David Oluwale, discusses his new book

Conference Abstracts

Abstracts (PDF  , 1,002kb)

Deviancy poster