The York JEOL Nanocentre at the University of York is a new interdisciplinary research and teaching centre. It is co-directed by Professors Pratibha Gai and Edward Boyes.

It includes one of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes: a dual aberration-corrected, Angstrom-resolution JEOL JEM 2200FS. It allows the atomic structure imaging of advanced nanomaterials in semiconductor, chemical, and electronics technologies. It is expected to be especially informative in studies of key interfaces in new electronic devices, stability of catalytic nanoparticles and similar applications; materially assisted by the new control of performance limiting aberrations. Applications include the structure and properties of novel nanostructures of semiconductor, catalytic and magnetic materials, and the atomic and molecular-scale interactions that govern them.

The instrumentation - a world's first with planned in-situ heating and reaction capabilities - forms the technical foundation for new scientific initiatives in nanomaterials research. Imaging and analysis on the Angstrom scale are being combined with theoretical modelling to solve key problems in materials physics, chemistry and electronics, leading to exciting advances in nanotechnology, and to stimulate and drive regional development.








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