A new international network aiming to exploit the emerging potential for research and development of valorisation of food supply chain waste.


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Bio-Waste Industrial Symbiosis Network

Food Supply Chain Waste as a Novel Valuable Resource for Chemicals and Materials

There is a growing recognition that the twin problems of waste management and resource depletion can be solved together through the utilisation of waste as a resource, using green and sustainable chemical technologies. Novel strategies for the use of food waste, at the interface of engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and food technology are crucial for tackling for the provision of new, sustainable, functional feedstocks. The objective of this network is to develop the valorisation of food supply chain waste as an alternative carbon source for bio-chemicals, bio-materials and bio-fuels by interconnecting different technology hubs worldwide, overcome technological barriers, go beyond 1st generation organic waste reuse and recycling (e.g. feed, composting, anaerobic digestion), and bridge the gaps between academic disciplines as well as between academia and industry.

Future potential for Research & Development funding is shown by current 2011 and 2012 FP7 calls, increasing interest from industry, probable new European bio-based standards and a drive towards incentives for bio-chemicals and bio-materials in the E.U.

The BIS network is actively seeking new members from academia, industry, government, NGOs and other organisations with varied scientific backgrounds in any country, who share a common interest food supply chain valorisation. One objective of the BIS is to create new partnerships that are in a strong position to apply for funding to future calls focusing on the valorisation of food supply chain valorisation.

The BIS network will not disclose, without your consent, personal information collected about you, unless required by law.


Recent achievements of the BIS network:

  • Funding from the University of York International Seedcorn Award programme to launch the BIS network.
  • On-going international collaborations between the E.U. & Brazil
  • Current members from industry & academia are from: China, UK, Spain, France, Greece, Finland, Cyprus, Vietnam, Italy, Germany & Brazil.
  • New projects facilitated by the BIS network:
    - Citrus residue valorisation & coffee waste valorisation
  • Funding applications submitted:
    - The conversion of food WASte into BIOproducts using green technologies, WASBIO proposal (FP7 E.U.)
  • COST application (mobility support for E.U. or non E.U. BIS members).

Contact details:
Lucie PFALTZGRAFF (lap503@york.ac.uk) or Prof. James CLARK: (james.clark@york.ac.uk)

Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York, UK


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