SUSTOIL (June 2008 - May 2010)

The aim of SUSTOIL is to develop advanced biorefinery schemes to convert whole EU oil-rich crops (rapeseed, olive and sunflower) into energy (fuels, power and heat), food and bioproducts (chemicals and/or materials) making optimal uses of the side streams generated during farming/harvesting, primary processing (e.g. oil extraction and refining) and secondary processing (e.g. transesterification).

SUSTOIL will integrate the expertise of 22 project partners with the expertise of an Advisory Board composed of experts from the EU, US and beyond. Economic, social and environmental costs benefits of optimal integrated schemes will be assessed and main technological challenges/knowledge gaps will be identified, resulting in recommendations of key activities for future collaborative projects.

SUSTOIL has now finished and the final dissemination conference presentations are available on the workshops page. The bi-annual newsletters are also now live on the publications page.

This project is led by the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, based at the University of York, United Kingdom.

This support action project is funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme (Energy Theme). The project started in June 2008 and is to finish by May 2010.





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