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Monday 17th March 2014 - SET for Britain, Westminster

SET for Britain is a chance for early-stage and early-career research scientists to discuss their research with MPs at Westminster. Amanda Barnes was selected and presented a poster on: Collagen and poly(NIPAM) hydrogels: an injectable solution to repair the knee 

Amanda Barnes: “SET for Britain has given me the opportunity to showcase my multi-disciplinary research to Members of Parliament, and communicate the importance of regenerative medicine research in improving the health and quality of life for individuals worldwide.”


12-13th September 2013 - 7th UK MSC Meeting

19th December 2013 - 15th Annual White Rose Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (BiTEG) Meeting

Held at Leeds University, BTR member Julia Marshall presented her work on: 3D co-culture of MSCs and endothelial cells - a self-organising endochondral ossification model.


12-13th September 2013 - 7th UK MSC Meeting

Held at Aston University, Paul Genever was a key note speaker. BTR member Julia Marshall presented her work on - 3D Co-Culture of MSC and Endothelial
Cells “A Self-Organising” Endochondral Ossification Model. Amanda Barnes and Charlotte Knight both gave poster presentations.


Charlotte Knight wins second best poster presentation at 7th UK MSC Meeting!

Charlotte Knight won second best poster presentation at this years UK MSC Meeting at Aston University, Charlotte and Dr Sally James collaborated on a project entitled:

Functional Segregation of Immunomodulatory and Differentiation-Competent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Subpopulations



Charlotte Knight wins best oral poster presentation at BRS/BORS 2013!

Charlotte Knight won best oral poster presentation at this years BRS/BORS meeting in Oxford, Charlotte and Dr Sally James collaborated on a project entitled:

Functional Segregation of Immunomodulatory and Differentiation-Competent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Subpopulations



4th-5th September 2013 - Bone Research Society/British Orthopaedic Research Society Meeting (BRS/BORS) 2013

Held at Oxford University, BTR members Charlotte Knight and Katie Wilson gave oral poster presenations and poster presetations.


23rd-25th July 2013 - Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES) 2013

Held at Cardiff University, BTR members Julia Marshall, Dmitrjis Limonovs and Amanda Barnes all gave oral presentations. Click here for photos.


12th July 2013 - Joint DTC Conference (4th Annual Conference)

Held at the University of Sheffield, BTR members Julia Marshall and Amanda Barnes gave oral presentations, Dmitrjis Limonovs and Lauren Yarrow gave poster presentations.


Congraulations Amanda Barnes!

BTR member Amanda Barnes has just attained a prestigious E-TERM landscape fellowship. The engineering - tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fellowship aims to use collaborations to advance the field of medical research.


12th-15th June 2013 - ISSCR (11th Annual Meeting)

This international conference was held in Boston, MA, USA was attended by Shinya Yamanaka! BTR member Becky Mason gave a poster presentation.


6th October 2011- Arthritis Research UK Tissue Engineering Centre launched.

York is one of four institutions to make up the centre to treat osteoarthritis with stem cells. For more information click here.

19th-21st July 2011 - Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES) 2011 conference

To be held this year at the University of Leeds, UK.

BTR member Niki Gosling gave a talk.

The 2011 BCRT Patients' & Supporters' Conference

The Bone Cancer Research Trust will hold the conference on Saturday 2nd July at the Chancellors Hotel and conference centre, Manchester. Work will be presented to patients and their family members, who have gone through a battle with either osteosarcoma or Ewing's sarcoma.

BTR member Farinaz Asfari presented her poster ' Using Adult Stem Cells to Treat Cancer?'

1st July 2011 - 5th UK Mesenchymal Stem Cell Meeting

To be held this year at Aston University, Birmingham.

BTR members David Cook, Niki Gosling and Becky Mason presented posters, as well as a talk by Becky Mason.

Congratulations to Becky Mason

Becky Mason, 1st year PhD won a departmental poster prize in a first year assessment. Well done Becky!

30th March - 1st April 2011 - UKSCN 2011 annual meeting

This year held at the University of York.

BTR members David Cook, Becky Mason, Fatima Saleh and Fiona Warrander presented posters. A talk was given by Paul Genever. See photos here.


14th April 2010 - 4th UK Mesenchymal Stem Cell Meeting

Photo of Leeds University

Mesenchymal stem cell biology is an exciting and rapidly evolving field, yet somewhat under-represented in terms of meetings. This one-day academic meeting wilil be held this year at The Conference Auditorium, University of Leeds, UK. This meeting first held in 2006, allows scientists working in this area to present their research and have an opportunity to network and exchange ideas. 

BTR replacing knockout mice in genetic research


BTR Group in partnership with the Dr Hadwen Trust, Kings College London and Manchester University have developed human tissue models to replace knockout mice in research into the genetic components of human disease.


Dr Hadwen Trust logo

See Dr Hadwen Trust press release: Silencing human genes in vitro - charity pioneers research to replace knockout mice


New Scientist logo

New Scientist article - 25 July 2007: Tissue scaffolds can replace knockout mice.



January 2006 - 'Bone from Blood' Research Project Launch


Osteocord FP6 Project Logo

January 2006 saw the beginning of a European Funded project to reveal the potential of cord blood mesenchymal stem cells to be transformed into bone structures. BTR is the project co-ordinator, along with 8 other partners across Europe in this 3 year project which has attracted 2.5M Euros in funding. Read the University of York Press Release and the BBC News coverage and find out more at the project website:





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