MA Political Research


The MA in Political Research is a one-year degree that has been recognized by the Economic and Social Research Council for the first year of its 1 + 3 Research Studentships. It is designed specifically to provide the necessary research training for students to go on to pursue a PhD in Politics. Students who are awarded an ESRC 1 + 3 Research Studentship are funded for four years - one year doing an MA that has been recognised for these purposes (in this case the MA in Political Research) and three years doing a PhD.

The main aim of the MA in Political Research is to provide students with training in the distinctive concepts, methods, and techniques of the social sciences in general, of Politics in particular, and of the specific branch of the discipline in which their research will be located. This will allow them to pursue doctoral research in Politics. At the same time, the MA seeks to impart skills that will be of use to graduates in their future employment, whether or not they enter the Politics profession.


Four Core Modules

Three Option Modules

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During the Summer Term students start work on a dissertation on a topic of their choice. The dissertation is due for submission at the end of the summer vacation.

Study Part-Time

The MA in Political Research may also be taken on a part-time basis over two years (24 months).


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Profile image for Seb BoothSebastian Booth, MA in Political Research "From day one you are really given the opportunity to develop and pursue your own research interests and ideas."