PhD/MSc research projects

The University of York is a research-intensive University and the department of Physics is at the forefront of life-changing research.  Visit this page for more.  

The projects we offer range from work of the most fundamental nature to the use of physics to solve current industrial and engineering problems. In other areas, collaborative research with biologists and chemists serves to reinforce the idea that physics is in no sense an isolated discipline.

A common factor in all the research is the availability of advice and support to each graduate student, not only from the official research supervisor, but also from other members of the Department (including one member of staff designated as a student's supervisor).

The laboratory is well equipped with supporting facilities, including:

  • a precision instrument workshop
  • equipment for crystal preparation
  • excellent computing facilities (including powerful workstations and high-speed access to supercomputers and the Internet)

Facilities exist for specialist studies as required by the proposed research projects,  in addition to photographic, electronic, glass-blowing and glass polishing services.

The programme for research students in the Department combines training in specialist areas with wider scientific skills. With approximately 90 research students in the Department, and  27 postdoctoral workers, the research community is both scientifically lively and socially active.

Members of staff have proposed the research projects listed on these webpages . If you wish to learn more about a particular project, supervisors will be happy to answer specific questions by e-mail or telephone (see staff details).  Applicants wishing to propose alternative projects should consult the list of research interests and contact the most appropriate supervisor.

Aside from the projects listed in their respective subsections, additional projects may become available in the coming months. For details please watch the web site. Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact our Graduate Admissions Tutor to check project availability or for any other further information regarding our graduate degrees.   If you wish to receive a printed version by post, please contact us.

Dr Yvette Hancock, Graduate Admissions Tutor (

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