BioArch rotating images / examination of tooth

Ours is one of the largest groups of bioarchaeological scientists´╗┐ in the UK

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Dedicated labs for small group teaching in a friendly environment

BioArch rotating images no 3 / SBlock common room

A vibrant research atmosphere

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Osteoarchaeology practicals in the Tudor surroundings of The King's Manor

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Access to state of the art technological facilities


The concept behind BioArCh is to provide archaeologists with access to full supported analytical facilities. The BioArCh facility is a joint venture between the Departments of Biology, Archaeology, and Chemistry. The laboratories are based in the Department of Biology, with analytical work conducted using facilities housed in the state of the art Technology Facility.

In 2015 BioArCh will be relocating to the new Environment Centre, for updates check here

If you are interested in using the services in the facility please contact the Administrator, Alizon Holland.