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About news feeds

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News feeds allow you to keep up with the latest updates to a website without having to visit the site to see if it has changed. There are various ways to read news feeds using either software installed on your computer or by using web-based news readers.

We currently provide the following publicly available news feeds:

Web pageRSS feed
University news (press releases)

All University press releases RSS

Or try topic-specific feeds:


University public lectures Public lectures RSS
University featured research articles Featured research articles RSS
Library news  Library  news RSS
Department of Archaeology news  Department of Archaeology news RSS
Department of Archaeology events  Department of Archaeology events RSS
Department of Biology news  Department of Biology news RSS
Department of Biology events  Department of Biology events RSS
York Managment School news  York Managment School news RSS
York Managment School events  York Managment School events RSS
York Management School CPD events  York Management School CPD events RSS
York Management School CEGBI events  York Management School CEGBI events RSS
Department of Psychology seminars Department of Psychology seminars RSS
Social Policy Research Unit research outputs  Social Policy Research Unit research outputs RSS (see web page for feeds on specific topics)
Centre for Health Economics latest news Centre for Health Economics latest news RSS
Centre for Health Economics upcoming seminars Centre for Health Economics upcoming seminars RSS
Centre for Novel Agricultural Products Artemisia Research Project news  Artemisia Research Project news RSS

Note to departments - if you run a site with an RSS feed that isn't included here, email and we'll add a link.

Web-based news readers

Using a web-based news reader is a little like using webmail rather than a desktop email application. Your news feeds are available from any computer you use and all you need in order to access them is a web browser. This is ideal for University users who may use different PCs from one day to the next and who may not have permission to add extra software to the computer(s) they use.

Computer-based news readers

A computer-based news reader downloads news feeds to your PC and stores them on your hard disk (or network storage space). They can be useful if you work on a laptop and want to be able to read news feeds while not connected to the Internet.