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I read Medieval and Modern Languages at Newnham College, Cambridge and then trained as a chartered accountant whilst working for Ernst & Young. Before joining the York Management School in September 2006 as Professor of Accounting and Finance, I was Professor of Financial Accounting at Sheffield University Management School.

Departmental roles

Head of Accounting and Finance Research Group



My main research interests are:

Women and wealth:

  • A team, including myself, Janette Rutterford, of the Open University, David Green of King’s College, London and Alastair Owens of Queen Mary, London received a grant of £250,000 from the ESRC to finance a project “Women Investors in England and Wales, 1870-1930”, running for 24 months from December 2005 and employing 4 research assistants, to investigate the significance of women’s investment, drawing upon wills/probate documentation and share registers in conjunction with Census data. See below for forthcoming publications based on our work, and look also at for details of our project, methodology and results.
  • An edited collection of papers on women and wealth based on the conference we organised at the end of the project will appear in early 2011.
  • With Linda Perriton of the York Management School and Katrina Honeyman of the School of History, University of Leeds, I was recently involved in organizing a workshop on Working-class women and savings. A website with a summary of the day’s presentations/discussion and news of other work in the area is available via this link. We are currently involved in collaborative work in this area and will be pleased to hear from others who share these interests.

The history of corporate governance: in particular

  • Corporate governance in the UK 1900-1930. This has been the subject of a project undertaken with Roger Lloyd-Jones, Myrddin Lewis and Mark Matthews of Sheffield Hallam University, and a book based on our research is due to appear in 2011.
  • The history of audit: I have contributed a chapter on this subject to the 2008 Routledge History of Accounting (eds. JR Edwards and S Walker).

I am interested in supervising research in any of the above areas and in any other aspects of accounting/business history and corporate governance.


Full publications list


(With David R. Green, Alastair Owens, and Janette Rutterford) ‘Introduction’, and (with J. Rutterford, S. Ainscough, C, van Mourik) 'The Evidence for "Democratisation" of Share Ownership in Great Britain in the Early Twentieth Century' in (David R. Green, Alastair Owens, Josephine Maltby  and Janette Rutterford (eds) ) Men, Women, and Money:  Perspectives on Gender, Wealth, and Investment 1850-1930 OUP 2011

(With Roger Lloyd-Jones, Mervyn Lewis, Mark Matthews) Personal Capitalism and Corporate Governance British Manufacturing in the First Half of the Twentieth Century Ashgate


"History of Auditing" in "The Routledge Companion to Accounting History" eds JR Edwards and S Walker Routledge 2009.


(With J Rutterford and Anne Laurence) "Editors' Introduction" (with J Rutterford) "Women and Wealth in the 19th century" (with J Rutterford) "Women and wealth in fiction in the long 19th century 1800-1914" all in Women and their money c.1700-c.1950: Essays on women and finance (PDF  , 202kb)‌ eds J Maltby, J Rutterford and Anne Laurence, Routledge 2008.


(With J. Rutterford) "The Widow, the Clergyman and the Reckless - Women Investors before 1914", in "Women and the Distribution of Wealth" eds Carmen Deere and Cheryl Doss, Routledge 2007

Articles in journals

Refereed contributions

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Refereed conference proceedings

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