Working Paper Series

The York Management School runs a research Working Paper series, details of which can be found below.

Papers in 2012

  • 68: Steven Toms, "Accounting based risk measurement: An alternative to CAPM derived discount factors" (May, 2012) Click to Download (PDF  , 649kb)     

Papers in 2011

  • 66: Ionela Cretu, "Destination image and destination branding in transition countries: the Romanian tourism branding campaign 'Explore the Carpathian garden'" (December, 2011) Click to Download (PDF  , 2,639kb)  
  • 65: David Angrave, "The prevalence and participants of Voluntary Downward Job Mobility in Britain - A quantitative investigation of secondary longitudinal panel data" (December, 2011) Click to Download (PDF  , 1,014kb)
  • 64: Guggisberg Dowuona, "Is Ghana an Emerging Destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? A Comparative Analysis between Ghana and India" (December, 2011) Click to Download (PDF  , 1,144kb)
  • 63: Steven Toms, "Producer cooperatives and economic efficiency: Evidence from the nineteenth century cotton textile industry" (October, 2011) Click to Download (PDF  , 675kb)
  • 59: Steven Toms and John Wilson, "Economic History and Business History: Mutual Contributions and Future Prospects" (March, 2011) Click to download (PDF  , 419kb)
  • 58: Sebastian Bos, Andrew Pendleton and Steve Toms, "Governance thresholds, managerial ownership and corporate performance: Evidence from the U.K." (March, 2011) Click to download (PDF  , 302kb)  

Papers in 2010

  • 57 part IV: Azimjon Kuvandikov, "Labour demand and wage effects of takeovers that involve employee layoffs" (August, 2010) Click to download (PDF  , 236kb)
  • 57 part III: Azimjon Kuvandikov, "Shareholders and employees: rent transfer and rent sharing in corporate takeovers" (August, 2010) Click to download (PDF  , 281kb) .
  • 57 part II: Azimjon Kuvandikov, "Cause and effect relationship between post-merger operating performance changes and workforce adjustments" (August, 2010) Click to download (PDF  , 173kb)
  • 55: Martin Wood, "Reluctant Bedfellows or Model Marriage? Postmodern Thinking Applied to Mainstream Public Sector Health Services Research Settings" (May, 2010) Click to download (PDF  , 184kb) .
  • 54: Teresa da Silva Lopes, "Using history to help refine international business theory: ownership advantages and the eclectic paradigm" (March, 2010) Click to download (PDF  , 196kb)

Papers in 2009

  • 50: Alan Edkins, "Risk Disclosure and Re-establishing Legitimacy in the Event of a Crisis - Did Northern Rock Use Risk Disclosure to Repair Legitimacy after their 2007 Collapse?" (November, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 522kb)
  • 49: Steve Toms, Keith Anderson and Aly Salama, "Does Community and Environmental ResponsibilityAffect Firm Risk? Evidence from UK Panel Data 1994-2006" (August, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 185kb)
  • 48: Steve Toms and Aly Salama, "Risk and value in labour and capital markets: The UK corporate economy, 1980-2005" (August, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 92kb)
  • 47: Olena Lehkman, "The status of planning processes in family-owned businesses: A study of transformational economy and its relationship to the financial performance of family-owned Ukrainian firms" (July, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 318kb)
  • 45: Dimitra Kakavogianni, "Charismatic Leadership and its emergence under crisis conditions: A case study from the airline industry" (March, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 592kb) .
  • 43: Josephine Maltby, "‘The Wife’s Administration of the Earnings’? Working-Class Women and Savings in the Mid-Nineteenth Century" (February, 2009) Click to download (PDF  , 101kb)

Papers in 2008

  • 42: Steven Toms, "Asymmetric Response: Explaining Corporate Social Disclosure by Multi-National Firms in Environmentally Sensitive Industries" (July, 2008) Click to download (PDF  , 274kb)  . 
  • 40: Steven Toms, "‘Strangers and Brothers’: The Secret History of Profit, Value and Risk" An inaugural lecture, (June, 2008) Click to download (PDF  , 232kb)

Papers in 2007

  • 38: Matthias Beck, Beth Kewell, Darinka Asenova, "BSE Crisis and Food Safety Regulation: A Comparison of the UK and Germany" (March, 2007) Click to download (PDF  , 163kb)
  • 36: V. Antcliff, David M. Higgins, Steve Toms, JF Wilson, "Business Strategy and Firm Performance: the British Corporate Economy, 1949-1984" (2007) Click to download (PDF  , 141kb) .
  • 35: Darinka Asenova, Matthias Beck, Steve Toms, "The Limits of Market-Based Governance and Accountability - PFI Refinancing and the Resurgence of the Regulatory State" (July, 2007) Click to download (PDF  , 77kb) .
  • 34: Darinka Asenova, Matthias Beck, "The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Finance Capital: A Note on Gaps in the 'Accountability' Debate" (July, 2007) Click to download (PDF  , 148kb)
  • 33: Matthias Beck, Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr, "The Failed Promise of Foreign Direct Investment: Some Remarks on 'Malign' Investment and Political Instability in Former Soviet States" (2007) Click to download (PDF  , 156kb)
  • 32: Josephine Maltby, "'We do not share the troubles of our transatlantic cousins': The statutory framework for acounting in the UK and the US in the interwar period" (2007) Click to download (PDF  , 87kb) .
  • 28: Steve Toms, J Hasseldine, H Massoud, "Political, Social and Economic Determinants of Corporate Social Disclosure by Multi-national Firms in Environmentally Sensitive Industries" (April, 2007) Click to download (PDF  , 127kb)
  • 27: Kathryn Haynes, "Moving the Gender Agenda or Stirring Chicken’s Entrails?: Where Next for Feminist Methodologies in Accounting?" (2007 ) Click to download (PDF  , 87kb)

Papers in 2006

  • 26: Philip Warwick, "International Students in the UK : how can we give them a better experience?" (October, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 97kb)  . 
  • 24: Andrew Pendleton, "Who invests too much in employer stock, and why do they do it? Some evidence from uk stock ownership plans" (August, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 172kb) .
  • 22: Andrew Popp, Steve Toms, John Wilson, "Industrial districts as organizational environments: resources, networks and structures" (July, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 165kb) .
  • 21: Kathryn Haynes, "Other Lives in Accounting: Critical Reflections on Oral History Methodology in Action" (July, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 138kb) .
  • 19: Shraddha Verma and Sid J. Gray, "The Establishment of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI): the First Step in the Development of an Accounting Profession in Post-Independence India" (February, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 281kb) .
  • 18: Shraddha Verma and Sid J. Gray, "Development of Company Law in India : The Case of the Companies Act 1956" (February, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 389kb)
  • 17: Shraddha Verma and Philip Dewe, "Valuing Human Resources: Perceptions and Practices in UK Organisations" (February, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 424kb)
  • 16: Kathryn Haynes, "(Re)figuring Accounting and Maternal Bodies: the Gendered Embodiment of Accounting Professionals" (January, 2006) Click to download (PDF  , 269kb) .

Papers in 2005

  • 8: Alison Linstead, "Self as Social Practice: Rewriting the Feminine in Qualitative Organizational Research" (March, 2005) Click to download (PDF  , 214kb)

Papers in 2004

  • 7: Linda Perriton, "Forgotten feminists: The Federation of British Professional and Business Women, 1933-1969" (August, 2004) Click to download (PDF  , 266kb)  . 
  • 3: Ian Greener, "Theorising path dependence: how does history come to matter in organisations, and what can we do about it?" (March, 2004) Click to download (PDF  , 227kb)