One free 19-week course to undergraduates registered in 2016/17

At the University of York, we believe that it is important to prepare students for living and working in a global environment, and that learning a language can add an international dimension to your studies as well as providing a personally enriching experience.

Languages and employability

A large proportion of employers place a premium on graduates with at least conversational fluency in another language

CBI Education and Skills Survey (2009)

As you start your studies at York, it is a good idea to plan for your future and to consider how learning a language can complement your degree or link to projects you may have for travelling and working abroad.

Language learning is a key asset in enhancing your range of personal skills and employability; past students often report back to us that their LFA certificate has been a valuable asset when applying for jobs.

Recent studies

  • The Review of Modern Foreign Languages Provision in HE in England (Worton, 2009): language skills “are increasingly regarded by students and employers as an essential graduate attribute”
  • The CBI Education and Skills Survey (2009): “A large proportion of employers place a premium on graduates with at least conversational fluency in another language”
  • Languages and Employability: A Question of Careers (Connell, 2002): a study of graduate job interviews shows that questions about language skills are common and may even be used as a tie-breaker in a final shortlist

Free course entitlement

It is the only and best opportunity to learn a language for free. It is an increasingly globalised world so one cannot be limited to English language/culture.

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In the light of the importance of language skills and inter-cultural awareness in an increasingly international world, if you are an undergraduate student registered in 2016/17 for a University of York degree, you are entitled to take one course free of charge on the 19-week LFA general programme.

Please note: this offer is the same as a voucher that expires upon registering - once you have signed up to a course using your free entitlement, your entitlement has then been used, regardless of if / when you withdraw.

Languages we offer

The following courses can be taken under the free entitlement scheme:

Course levels

Details of what previous language skills are appropriate for each level can be found on our Courses and languages page.

If you require any further advice or information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


To register for your free course, please go to our online registration page and click 'REGISTER NOW!'. On the fees page of the registration journey, you can redeem your free entitlement by clicking that button.

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