Welcome to Paul Kerswill!

Posted on 4 January 2012

Professor Paul Kerswill has joined our staff, moving here from Lancaster University. He is almost as excited about this as we are.

"I'm really delighted to be starting work at York. The Department of Language and Linguistic Science is one I've known for a long time, and I've had contacts with some of its members since the beginning of my academic career. Of all the places in the UK to study Language Variation and Change, York has the best combination of breadth, depth and innovative thinking. I'm looking forward to adding my own brand of LVC into the mix, with its somewhat more social orientation, and to collaborating with my new colleagues. I'm looking forward to teaching a range of courses in LVC and Sociolinguistics more generally, which for me will be a joy and a challenge."

Paul will be teaching Accents of Britain and Advanced Topics in LVC in the Spring-Summer terms this year.

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