Wireless hotspots across campus

The wireless network allows anyone with a University of York username and password to get Internet access from the hotspots listed below.

The list details areas where IT Services have made provision for wireless access (ie installed a wireless access point). The list is not exhaustive as new hotspots are being added all the time. The quality of wireless signal available will depend on:

  • The device being used
  • The number of other devices using the same wifi point
  • Interference from other devices eg microwave ovens, mobile phone hotspots

If you require the wireless network for a specific purpose, we recommend you check availability beforehand. Please remember that a wired connection will always give better performance and reliability.

Please note, wifi is available in some study bedrooms, but not all. Please check the listing for your college below. If wireless is not available, you will need to use the wired Network Access Service.


Alcuin College

Alcuin Teaching Block (A/TB) - all areas

Economics (A/EC) - all areas

Alcuin Porters Lodge/B Henry's
A/D/162 (Economics Study Area)

Alcuin East Wing (A/EW) - all areas

A/S - all areas

ARC - all areas

Alcuin A - Seminar Room

Alcuin B Block 2nd Floor
Alcuin B Block 3rd Floor 

A/C/123 C Block 1st Floor

HYMS - all areas


  • Alcuin Block E
  • Alcuin Block F
  • Alcuin Block G
  • Alcuin Block H
  • Alcuin Block J
  • Alcuin Block K
  • Alcuin Block L
  • Alcuin Block M
  • Alcuin Block N
  • Alcuin Block P
  • Alcuin Block Q


Berrick Saul Building

All floors


Biology Atrium
Biology A Block - Room 004
Biology B Block - Room 102a
Biology E Block - Room 002
Biology F Block - Room 126b
Biology H Block - Room 122
Biology J Block - Room 106a
Biology K Block - Room 155
Biology L Block - Room 137
Biology M Block - Room 131
Biology M Block - Room 231
Biology R Block - all areas
Biology S Block - Room 101
Grimston House - all areas

Careers & Counselling

All areas

Central Hall

F/001 Central Hall Concourse
F/101 Stage Foyer
F/204 Rehearsal Room & surrounding area
F/215 Main Auditorium


Chemistry A Block 1st floor
Chemistry B Block 1st floor 
Chemistry D Block all floors
Chemistry E Block all floors 
Chemistry F Block all floors

Chemistry CHyM - ground floor meeting room
Chemistry CHyM - 1st floor

Chemistry Hub all floors

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories

Computer Science Building

All floors

Derwent College

Derwent Nucleus all floors

YUSU Bar & Courtyard
D/L/001 - Audio Visual
D/L/002 - Seminar room & surrounding area
D/L/006 - Seminar room & surrounding area
D/L/047 - Lecture room
D/L/050 - Classroom/Study Area
D/L/051 - Study room
D/L/028 - Lecture Theatre
D/L/036 - Seminar room & surrounding area
D/L/037 - Seminar room & surrounding area

D/L/103 - Upper JCR & surrounding
D/L/105 - Office & surrounding
D/L/139 - First Floor English Dept Offices

D/L/200 - Corridor & surrounding area

Accommodation - all blocks


Physics Concourse/Porters Area
Physics A/C Corridor (photocopy/printing area)
Electronics Portakabins next to P/Z (ground and 1st floor)
Physics Portakabin
Maintenance Building


XD/001 - Environment ground floor
XD/112 - Environment first floor

Goodricke College



All blocks

Halifax College

JJ's common room


  • Ainsty Court (All blocks)
  • St Lawrence Court (All blocks)
  • Hickleton Court (All blocks)
  • Ingram Court (All blocks)
  • Irwin Court (All blocks)
  • Lindley Court (All blocks)
  • Wood Court (All blocks)
  • Younger Court (All blocks)
  • Garrowby Way (All Family Houses)

Heslington Hall

2nd floor Pro VC's Office area

Helix House

All floors

Home Farm

All floors

IT Services

All floors

James College

McQ's Bar
Roger Kirk Centre

G/N/002 - Seminar room
G/N/013 - Seminar room
G/N/020 - Seminar room
G/N/022 - IT classroom
G/N/028 - Hall
G/N/045 - Seminar room
G/N/046w - YSTV area
G/N/112 - Seminar room
G/N/113 - Photocopy/Printing Room & surrounding

G/N/127 - Maths Departmental Office
G/N/132 - Library & surrounding

G/D/047 - Ground floor office area

Accommodation - all blocks

King's Manor

K/G65 - Postgraduate Study Area
Library - Ground Floor
Library - First Floor
Huntingdon Room
Headmaster's House G/84
Headmaster's House K/187
Headmaster's House 2nd Floor
K/153 - Departmental Office & Surrounding
K/G10 - Covers G10 Seminar Room
K/234 - Office Area

Langwith College


  • All blocks

Law & Management Building

All floors


JBM - all areas
Harry Fairhurst building - all areas 

Borthwick Institute - 1st Floor
Borthwick Institute - 2nd Floor
RBL Store Room Area

Market Square

Information Centre - all areas

Market Square - Campus Copy & Print

Student Support Hub all areas


Jack Lyons Concert Hall
Music Listening Room
Music Room 119
Music Extension Building Room 51
Music Research Centre - 1st Floor
Music Research Centre - 2nd Floor
Music Research Centre - Ground Floor

See also Sally Baldwin Buildings


All floors

Quantum House

All floors

Robot Lab

All floors

Ron Cooke Hub

All floors

Sally Baldwin Buildings

All blocks

Student Administration Building

All areas

Vanbrugh College

University Radio York
Vanbrugh Bar/Dining Hall
Vanbrugh Nucleus - Room 042 (in wiring centre)
V/N/227 - Office & surrounding area
V/N/223 - Office & surrounding area
V/N/109 - Office & surrounding area
V/N/134 - Office & surrounding area
V/C/007 - Office & surrounding area
V/C/218 - Office & surrounding area


  • Donald Barron Court (A/B/C)
  • Barbara Scott Court (D/E/F)
  • Eric Milner White blocks A & B
  • Le Page Court - blocks A & B
  • V/A/111 - (Provides cover to study bedrooms with no wired sockets)
  • V/A/231 - (Provides cover to study bedrooms with no wired sockets)

Wentworth College

Edge Bar
W/N/129 - Staff Common Room & surrounding area
W/N/135 - Senior Common Room & surrounding

W/N/202 - IT classroom
W/N/222 - Group Analysis Teaching space
W/N/219A - Upper foyer
W/N/231 - Office & surrounding

WN/231b - Office area (Criminal Justice)

W/N/219 - 2nd floor office area

WN/303 - 3rd floor office area
W/N/301 - Seminar Room


  • Wentworth A Block
  • Wentworth B Block
  • Wentworth C Block
  • Wentworth D Block

York Plasma Institute

All areas

York Sport Village

All floors

Off campus University accommodation

54 Walmgate
65-67 Fulford Road

Science Park

Genesis 1/2 - all floors

Genesis 6

Providence House - all floors

York Neuroimaging Centre

Yorkshire House - all floors