MA in History (by Research)

The Department of History offers research-based Masters degrees to both full-time and part-time students in a wide range of subjects chosen from the faculty's fields of interest (see profile pages for more details).

This degree is particularly aimed at individuals who wish to developed advanced research skills either as a prelude to a research-based career or are interested in training to be an academic. Unlike a taught Masters degree, students taking an MA by Research will focus entirely on developing an extended dissertation of up to 40,000 words in length - over the course of a year for full-time students or two years for part-time students.

Operating under the close guidance of a personal supervisor, Research Masters students first design an individual research agenda, then conduct extensive primary and secondary investigations before writing up their findings.

The thesis should be considered a first step toward developing research output of genuine historical significance. As such, while counting as a research degree in its own right, the MA by research may, for suitable students, lead through the upgrading process to a transfer to the MPhil/PhD programme.

Tuition and Training 

Alongside regular meetings with their supervisor, all research students have a Thesis Advisory Panel (TAP), consisting of at least one member of staff in addition to the supervisor, which meets twice a year and oversees more general professional development and career training.

Additionally, all students take the Research Training course over the first two terms as part of their preparation for research. This course includes introductions to the University Library, the Borthwick Institute, and other libraries, archives and research facilities in York and elsewhere, and also to the computing facilities at the university.