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Pierre joined the Environment Department in autumn 2005 from his previous post in charge of the Environmental Health Unit at the Government Institut Scientifique de Service Public, Belgium. Initially trained in bioengineering, physical-chemistry, and later in geochemistry; he then spent significant periods at the Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior in Japan and at the Université de Montréal in Canada, where he became particularly interested in the atmospheric, environmental and health effects of volcanic gases and tephra. He also held research positions at the Université catholique de Louvain and at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.


Lecturer Environment Department, University of York, UK
PhD Brussels, Belgium
MEng Louvain, Belgium

Departmental roles

VLE Departmental Coordinator



Pierre's research has developed broadly around the geochemistry of volcanic fluids released by active volcanoes and their dispersion into the environment. His current research activities focus (i) on the fate of volcanic sulphur and halogen emissions in the environment, and (ii) on the interactions between ash particles and gases in volcanic plumes. To address these research questions, Pierre combines laboratory experiments and field surveys in Japan, Nicaragua and Iceland. He is also interested in the application of novel remote sensing techniques to study the chemistry of volcanic and non-volcanic effluents into the atmosphere.


2007-2010 The Leverhulme Trust, Research Grant, PI £61k Environmental exposure to volcanic fluorine and human health risk assessment
2007-2009 NERC Environment and Human Health Programme Grant, Co-I   A network for the study of the properties and respiratory health effects of natural mineral dust
2007-2009 French Agence National de la Recherche (ANR), Co-I   Tracking volcanic eruptions from the dynamics of volcanic degassing processes
2007-2008 NERC, New Investigator Research Grant, PI £41k Fluoride adsorption, transport and modelling in volcanic soils of Iceland for future risk assessments
2006-2008 Royal Society, International Joined Project with Japan, PI £10k Chemical evolution of volcanic emissions in the atmosphere


Current students
  • Paul Ayris (NERC Blue Skies PhD, jointly supervised with A. Lee and K. Wilson, Chemistry Department, University of York). Gas-ash interactions in volcanic plumes
  • Nicola Harrison (NERC algo PhD, jointly supervised with M. Cresser, University of York and V. Gauci Open University). Effects of volcanogenic fluoride deposition on carbon cycling in peatlands
  • Julie Calkins (The Leverhulme Trust). Environmental exposure to volcanic fluorine and human health risk assessment
Recent students
  • Thomas Delfosse (FNRS, jointly supervised with Bruno Delvaux, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium), PhD awarded 2005


Full publications list

Papers in Refereed Journals

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Edited books

Delmelle P. (2003) Environmental impacts of tropospheric volcanic gas plumes. In "Origins, emissions and impacts of volcanic gases" (eds. C. Oppenheimer, J. Barclay, D. Pyle). Geological Society of London, Special Publication 213:381-399

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External activities

Editorial duties

  • 2006- Associate Editor, Bulletin of Volcanology



  • Environment & Health (Year 3)
  • Soils in the Environment (Year 2)

Other teaching

2007-2008 Application of the Blackboard Academic Suite interface to enhance teaching of Environment & Health Teaching Innovation and Development Committee, University of York
2006-2007 Implementation of the VLE in a new undergraduate course: 'Environment & Health' VLE-Advisory Group, University of York
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