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My research focuses on species distributions, patterns of endemism, ecosystem service modelling, and how these interact with vegetation structure, land/resource use and climate change, particularly in Africa

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Research Fellow University of York (Environment)
Research Associate University of Cambridge (Zoology)
Research Fellow University of Cranfield (Applied Sciences)
Doctorate University of York (Environment)
Research Assistant University of York (Health Sciences)
Masters Universities of York and Linköping
(Maths and Biology)
Undergraduate University of York (Mathematics)


Departmental roles

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Current projects

Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in Eastern Africa

The objective of this project is to enhance understanding of climate change impacts on ecosystem services in the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot. Field measurements are focussed along three transects in Tanzania (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Kenya (Taita Hills) and Ethiopia (Jimma Highlands). Where possible, our findings will be upscaled to the wider mountain regions. 

I am principally involved in Work Package 4 – the assessment of climate change impacts on biodiversity and habitats. I am also interested in land use change and population growth, and how these impact local climate, ecological function and resource provision.


Funding: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Valuing the Arc 

Valuing the Arc aims to map, quantify and value key ecosystem services that flow from the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania. Five UK universities are involved (York, Cambridge, Leeds, UEA, Cranfield), together with two in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Sokoine University of Agriculture), WWF-Tanzania and the Natural Capital Project (Stanford). I work on the biodiversity, hydrology and scenario-building modules, and lead the work on timber and cross-module sythesis.

valuing the arc

Funding: Leverhulme Trust, Packard Foundation, Royal Society

Acacia Distribution 

The genus Acacia dominates the structure and floristic composition of extensive areas of East African woodland, wooded grassland and bushland. Acacia species are remarkably diverse, spanning a wide range of ecosystems from arid deserts to montane forests, and growth forms from small shrubs to lianas and large trees. 

In collaboration with Aida Cuni Sanchez (RSPB), Roy Gereau (Missouri Botanical Garden), Rob Marchant and Andy Marshall (York) and the African Conservation Centre (Kenya), I develop bioclimatic models to predict Acacia distribution across East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda). Modelled species richness has led to targeted fieldwork in northern Kenya and southern Tanzania, and extended our focus into southern Ethiopia, where we are working to fill gaps in the distributional record.


Funding: Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation

Mountains and Endemism

My PhD research proposed an ecoregion definition for the Eastern Arc Mountains (EAMs) based on landform, vegetation and climatic influence. In collaboration with Roy Gereau (Missouri Botanical Garden), Andreas Hemp (University of Bayreuth) and Jaclyn Hall (University of Stanford), this definition is being used to produce a definitive checklist of distribution and endemism among vascular plants.

In related work, these data and definitions are combined with regional climate models, to explore the concept of ecoclimatic stability as a driver of endemism.‌

Funding: Marie Curie Actions

Research group(s)

York Institute for Tropical Ecosystems (KITE)


PhD students

Mike Bungard, University of York and Paignton Zoo. Predictive Modelling for Anuran Responses to Climate Change in Tropical Montane Ecosystems (self-funded)

Rebecca Kariuki, University of York and African Conservation Centre. Ecosystem dynamics and societal interactions in East Africa (REAL Project)


Full publications list

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Journal articles

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Conference proceedings

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Pfeifer M, Platts PJ (2014). Ground Measurements of leaf area index in Africa. Available here

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Peer review for: African Journal of Ecology, Annals of Botany, Biological Conservation, Diversity and Distributions, Ecological Modelling, Environmental Conservation, Journal of Biogeography, Physical Geography, PLoS ONE

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