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Our staff

  • Head of Department
    David Attwell
  • Deputy Head
    Stephen Minta

With over forty members of staff, we are one of the largest and most active English departments in the country.

Among our staff are a number from other countries, contributing to the international quality of the Department. Nine faculty members are from the USA, and other countries represented are Canada, Italy, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

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Derwent College D/J/201
Tel: 01904 323361

Derek Attridge
BA (Natal), MA, PhD (Cantab), FBA

Derek Attridge was educated in South Africa and England, and has taught in England, Scotland, France, and the U.S.A. Among his research interests are South African literature, Joyce, deconstruction and literary theory, and the performance of poetry.

Derwent College D/J/102
and D/J/019A (Head of Department's Office)
Tel: 01904 323354

David Attwell
BA (Natal), MA (Cape Town), PhD (Texas)

Head of Department

David Attwell joined the Department in January 2006 as Professor of Modern Literature from his role as Head of English at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He has published widely in the fields of anglophone African literature, South African literature, and postcolonial studies. His most well-known work is on J.M. Coetzee.


Derwent College D/J/117A
Tel: 01904 323309

Henry Bainton
BA (Oxford), MA (York), Phd (York)

Henry Bainton's research focuses on the Latin and French literature of the High Middle Ages, and on historical writing in particular. He is especially interested in the interface between literary culture and documentary culture, and in the role of performance across a wide range of textual practices.

King's Manor K/G86
Tel: 01904 324977

Victoria Blud
BA, MA, PhD (King's College London)
Teaching Fellow

Vicki Blud taught medieval literature at King's College London, Birkbeck and the University of Surrey before coming to York. Her research interests include concepts of space and place, transitional texts and the unspeakable in medieval literature and culture. 

Derwent College D/J/200
Tel: 01904 324717

John Bowen
MA (Cantab), PhD (Birmingham)

John Bowen joined the Department in 2005 from Keele University, where he was Professor of Modern English Literature. His main research area is nineteenth-century fiction, in particular the work of Dickens, but he has also written on modern poetry and fiction, as well as essays on literary theory.

Tel: 01904 659784

S.A.J. Bradley
MA (Oxon), FSA
Emeritus Professor

After retirement from teaching Anglo-Saxon at York, Sid Bradley has continued as co-editor of the Copenhagen journal Grundtvig-Studier, published a book on the 19th-century Danish poet, historian and theologian N. F. S. Grundtvig and articles on Grundtvig’s reception of Anglo-Saxondom, and lectured on this subject, most recently in Denmark, America and Ireland.

King's Manor K/G86 Tel: 01904 324981 venetia.bridges@york.ac.uk

Venetia Bridges
MA (Oxon), PhD (Cantab)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Venetia Bridges’ research interests are the English, French and Latin literature of the Middle Ages, especially the twelfth to fourteenth centuries. She is particularly interested in language interaction, the reception and adaptation of classical narratives, issues of fictionality, and medieval theories of interpretation. Her current project combines all these themes, focusing on accounts of Alexander the Great from 1100-1550.

Derwent College D/J/215A
Tel: 01904 324572

Jonathan Brockbank
MA, MLitt (Cantab)

Jonathan Brockbank has worked short-term contracts for the Department since 1985, lecturing and teaching on various modules including Approaches to Literature, Shakespeare and His Contemporaries, Romantics, Seventeenth Century & Victorians.  His research interests include Ruskin and Morris, Cold War literature and films; Westerns and Noirs; British Writing between and during the world wars, especially Socialist and Feminist writers; Godzilla.

Derwent College D/J/215B
Tel: 01904 323356

Trev Broughton
BA, DPhil (York)
Senior Lecturer

Trev Broughton joined the department from the Centre for Women's Studies. Her current research interests include Life Writing in the nineteenth century  (letters, diaries, autobiography, biography), and the construction of masculinities in Victorian culture.

Derwent College D/L/147
Tel: 01904 323337

Judith Buchanan
BA (Bristol), DPhil (Oxon)

Judith Buchanan is Professor of Film and Literature. Her research interests are currently concentrated on: Shakespearean performance histories (and presents) on stage, on screen and in other media; silent cinema amongst the other arts; the ways in which cinema and literature reflect and refract each other's mechanisms, processes and cultural charge.  She regularly mounts silent film shows through her project 'Silents Now'.


Derwent College D/J/112
Tel: 01904 323360

Matthew Campbell
BA (Dublin), PhD (Cambridge)

Matthew Campbell writes mainly about poetry from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day. He taught Victorian, Modern and Irish literature at Sheffield University before coming to York in 2011. He has just finished a book about nineteenth-century poetry from and about Ireland. Current projects include a history of the last two centuries of Irish poetry, and ongoing interests in poetry and music.

King's Manor K/181
Tel: 01904 324975 michele.campopiano@york.ac.uk

Michele Campopiano
MA (U. di Pisa; SNS Pisa), PhD (SNS Pisa)
Senior Lecturer

Michele Campopiano's interests include: editing of medieval Latin texts, medieval historiography and geography, cultures and literatures of medieval Italy, Franciscan cultural traditions and relationships between Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages. He is a member of the research team 'La création d'un mythe d'Alexandre le Grand dans les littératures européennes (XIe siècle - début XVIe siècle)'.

Derwent College D/J/107
Tel: 01904 324216 claire.chambers@york.ac.uk

Claire Chambers
BA (Newcastle), MA, PhD (Leeds)

Claire Chambers joined the Department in October 2012 after eight years as a lecturer in the School of Cultural Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research and teaching interests include religion and literature; writing from South Asia, the Arab world, and their diasporas; multicultural textualities in Britain; and literary representations of British Muslims. 

Derwent College D/J/227
Tel: 01904 324573 kp.clarke@york.ac.uk

K P Clarke
MA, MPhil (Dubl), MA (Cantab), MA DPhil (Oxon)

Kenneth Clarke joined the department in 2012 as Anniversary Research Lecturer from Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he was the Keith Sykes Research Fellow in Italian Studies, as well as an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Italian. Previously, he taught Old and Middle English Literature as College Lecturer at Brasenose College, Oxford. His research interests are in Chaucer and the Italian Trecento; Boccaccio; Dante; book history; word and image.

Derwent College D/J/202
Tel: 01904 323348

Victoria Coulson
MA, MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Victoria Coulson came to York from a Research Fellowship at Selwyn College, Cambridge. Her interests lie in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American and British literature, in particular narrative representation, and in the material culture of the period.

Derwent College D/L/148
Tel: 01904 323068 brian.cummings@york.ac.uk

Brian Cummings
MA, PhD (Cantab)

Brian Cummings joined the Department as Anniversary Professor in October 2012, after teaching at Cambridge and Sussex, where he co-founded the Centre for Early Modern Studies. He works on Shakespeare and Renaissance literature, and also writes on the history of religion, the history of the book, modern poetry, and the philosophy of literature. He recently edited the Book of Common Prayer, and is currently writing on Shakespeare and religion. 


Derwent College  D/J/101
Tel: 01904 323357

Tania Demetriou
BA (Cantab), MPhil (Oxon), PhD (Cantab)

Tania Demetriou came to York in 2011 from a Research Fellowship at St John's College, Oxford. Her teaching and research interests include early modern literature and classical reception, Shakespeare, the history of reading and of scholarship, translation, and the epic.


Jack Donovan
BA (Boston), MA (Kansas), PhD (Birmingham)

Jack Donovan has been an assistant editor of the Keats-Shelley Review, is presently on the editorial committee of Romanticism; and has contributed to The Oxford Companion to English Literature and to The Oxford Bibliographical Guide to British Romanticism.


Derwent College D/J/100
Tel: 01904 323342

Ziad Elmarsafy
BA (Cornell), MA (Johns Hopkins), PhD (Emory)

Ziad Elmarsafy joined the Department as a Senior Lecturer in French in October 2006. He has taught at the University of California Riverside, Wellesley College, and NYU. His interests are the literatures of the Middle East and North Africa (Arabic, French, English), post-colonial literature writ large, literature and religion.


King's Manor K/275B
Tel: 01904 324968

Mary Fairclough
BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (York)

Mary Fairclough joined the Department in 2012 from the University of Huddersfield. Her research interests lie in the interrelation of literary, scientific and political discourse during the period 1750-1850, in particular eighteenth-century theories of communication, print culture and the public sphere, and the science of electricity.



Kevin Gilmartin
BA (Oberlin College), MA, PhD (Chicago)
Honorary Visiting Professor

Kevin Gilmartin joins the Department as a regular autumn term visiting professor from the California Institute of Technology. His research interests include Romantic literature, the politics of literary culture, the history of the periodical press and of print culture, and intersections between literary expression and public activism.


Georgina Green
MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Georgina Green works as a research fellow on the Leverhulme funded project 'Networks of Improvement 1760-1840' and her current work is a theoretical and historical analysis of the agency of literary and philosophical societies in this period. Her first book, The Majesty of the People: popular sovereignty and the role of the writer in the 1790s (OUP), came out in early 2014.


Derwent College D/J/007
Tel: 01904 324569

Alice Hall
MA, MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Alice Hall studied at Cambridge and worked at Paris Diderot University and La Sorbonne Nouvelle before coming to York. Her research interests are in contemporary and global literature, particularly the areas of literature and the body, cultural representations of disability, autobiographical fiction, memory, and medical humanities.

Derwent College D/J/001
Tel: 01904 323343

Hugh Haughton
BA (Cantab), MA (Oxon)

Hugh Haughton works in the field of modernism, modern poetry and poetics; the literature of nonsense; letters and life-writing; and twentieth-century Irish literature. He is the author of The Poetry of Derek Mahon (OUP, 2007), the first full-scale study of a major contemporary Irish poet, as well as numerous essays on twentieth-century poetry.

Tel: 01904 323366

Nicholas R. Havely
MA, BPhil (Oxon)
Emeritus Professor

Nicholas R. Havely has principal research interests in late medieval literature (especially Dante, Boccaccio and Chaucer) and in English-Italian literary relations. He has recently published two edited collections of essays on reception of Dante in the nineteenth century (2011 and 2012) and is currently completing a study of Dante's British Public, from the Fourteenth Century to the Present (forthcoming 2014).


Derwent College D/J/114
Tel: 01904 324571
Adam Kelly
MA (York), BA, PhD (University College Dublin)

Adam Kelly came to York in 2013 after two years as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. His research and teaching interests include American literature, contemporary fiction and film, literary theory, and the history of ideas. He is currently writing a book on the aesthetics and politics of sincerity in twenty-first-century American fiction.

Derwent College D/J/126
Tel: 01904 323363

Kevin Killeen
BA, MA, PhD (London)
Senior Lecturer

Kevin Killeen received his PhD from Birkbeck, University of London and, before coming to York, lectured at Birkbeck, the University of Reading and the University of Leeds. He has research interests in early modern science, the seventeenth century Bible and its political uses, and in early modern poetry. He is the organiser of the Thomas Browne Seminar.


Kings Manor K/G73
Tel: 01904 324974

Emma Major
BA (Cantab), MA, PhD (York)
Senior Lecturer

Emma Major studied at Queens' College, Cambridge, before doing an MA and PhD at the Department of English and Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University of York. She has research interests in debates about religion, patriotism and gender 1740-1860.

Derwent College D/J/217B
Tel: 01904 323347 charles.martindale@york.ac.uk part-time

Charles Martindale
BA, MA (Oxon), PhD (Bristol)

Charles Martindale joined the Department in September 2013, part-time, having previously worked at the universities of Sussex and Bristol (where he was Dean of the Faculty of Arts). He has published widely on Latin poetry, and is best known for his work on reception and on English/Latin literary relations. He is one of the general editors of the Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, one volume out and four to follow.

Kings Manor K/184
Tel: 01904 323920

Nicola McDonald
BA, MA (Toronto), MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
Senior Lecturer

Nicola McDonald has research interests ranging from cannibalism to confessional discourse, from women's literacy to the post-modern middle ages. Her current research encompasses the cultural audacity of Middle English popular romance, and mulier ludens, seeking to inject some levity into our understanding of the complexity of medieval women's lives by studying the text-based social games that women played.

Kings Manor K/G74
Tel: 01904 324986

Jon Mee
MA, PhD (Cantab)

I continue to be interested in various individual authors on whom I have written, Barbauld, Blake, Coleridge, Hazlitt, Keats, Wollstonecraft, and Wordsworth among them, but in general I am interested in supervising dissertations on authors across the 1760-1840 period. Beyond individuals, I am interested in constructions of sociability in the period, and the work of literature and the visual arts not only in representing such sociability but also as something that flowed through and constructed these networks by its presence.

Derwent College D/L/140
Tel: 01904 324217
Paul Mills
Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow 2014-15

Paul will provide a free and confidential consultation service to help students improve their writing.  He has written poems, plays and two books on writing.  His most recent publication is You Should've Seen Us, containing poems recorded onto silent films from the Yorkshire Film Archive, with photographs from the films.

Derwent College D/J/127
Tel: 01904 323346

S.M.J. Minta
BA (Oxon), DPhil (Sussex)
Senior Lecturer

S.M.J. Minta originally specialized in French literature of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with particular reference to the development of lyric poetry in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, and is currently working on a political biography of Byron, and has recently published a number of articles and essays on Byron and Greek politics.

Tel: 01904 323366

A.D. Moody
MA (New Zealand and Oxon)
Emeritus Professor

A. David Moody is currently completing a 3-volume critical  biography of Ezra Pound, Ezra Pound: Poet. A Portrait of the Man & His Work (Oxford University Press).  Vol. 1 was published in 2007 and vol. 2 in 2014; vol. 3 wil be published in autumn 2015.

Kings Manor K/G82
Tel: 01904 323909

Linne R. Mooney
MA, PhD (Toronto), FSA

Linne R. Mooney is our Professor of Medieval English Palaeography, and active in both the Department of English and Related Literature and the Centre for Medieval Studies, based at King's Manor. Her research focuses on the dissemination of late medieval English literature in manuscript and early print.

Derwent College D/J/006
Tel: 01904 324219

Emilie Morin
Licence, Maîtrise (Université Rennes 2),
MA (University College Dublin), PhD (Queen's University Belfast)

Emilie Morin has research interests in modern and contemporary drama, twentieth-century British and Irish literature, European modernism and the historical avant-garde.


Derwent College D/J/115B
Tel: 01904 323331

Riona Nic Congail
BA, PhD (University College Dublin)
Research Fellow

Ríona Nic Congáil is an Irish Research Council Marie Curie ELEVATE Research Fellow. Her three-year fellowship is held between the Department of English and Related Literature, University of York, and the Irish Department at St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (Dublin City University). Her research project is entitled ‘Nation, Migration and Empire: Irish Childhood in Britain, 1841-1921’. Her broader interests include the Irish language, Irish women’s writing in Irish and English, and children’s studies.


Kings Manor K/376B
Tel: 01904 324992

Alison O'Byrne
BA (Trinity), PhD (York)

Alison O'Byrne has research interests in the long eighteenth century, with a particular focus on debates about and representations of the city. She has written articles on the building and representation of Westminster Bridge and on pedestrianism in early nineteenth-century London. She is currently completing a book provisionally titled The Art of Walking in London: Representing the Eighteenth-Century City.


Tel: 01904 323366

Graham Parry
MA (Cantab), PhD (Columbia), FSA
Emeritus Professor

Graham Parry has written a number of books about the cultural history of the seventeenth century, and in recent years turned to the study of the antiquaries of early modern England. He also has strong interests in Victorian cultural life, and is active in Ruskin’s Guild of St George, the Pugin Society, and the Sydney Smith Association. In addition, he is much involved in the activities of the York Bibliographical Society.

contact c/o the Centre for Medieval Studies

Derek Pearsall
Honorary Professor

Derek Pearsall is one of the founders of York's Centre for Medieval Studies and a Professor here until 1986. He has returned to York since his retirement as Gurney Professor of English at Harvard University in the USA. He is actively involved with research seminars and visiting lectures at the Centre for Medieval Studies, and informally consults with students about their work in Middle English literature and manuscript studies.

Derwent College D/J/226
Tel: 01904 323321 sarah.pett@york.ac.uk
Sarah Pett
BA (Cantab), MA (Rhodes), PhD (York)
Teaching Fellow

Sarah Pett completed her PhD at York in 2014, and currently splits her time between teaching fellowships at York and SOAS. Her research interests focus on modern and contemporary literature, the medical humanities, and South African studies.

contact c/o the English Department

Adam Phillips
Honorary Visiting Professor

Adam Phillips is an author and a psychoanalyst in private practice in London. He is the author of twelve highly praised books on literature, history, philosophy, child psychology, biography and psychoanalysis. Adam makes three visits a year, during which he gives lectures and participates in seminars, and is available for individual consultation.


Derwent College D/L/141
Tel: 01904 323355

Bryan Radley
BA (Dubl), MA, PhD (York)

Bryan Radley’s current work is on cultural identity, genre, and place-making in contemporary Irish-American fiction. Other research interests include theories of comedy and twentieth- and twenty-first century Irish literature, in particular the novels of John Banville.

Derwent College D/J/222
Tel: 01904 324716

Lawrence Rainey
BA (Valparaiso), MA, PhD (Chicago)

Lawrence Rainey has written extensively on the classic works of Anglo-American modernism, including monographs on Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot. He is currently at work on a cultural history of the typist, secretary, or stenographer as depicted in film and fiction from 1890 to 1940, a study that examines nearly three hundred films and novels.

Tel: 01904 323366

Felicity Riddy
BA (NZ), MA (Auckland), BPhil (Oxon), FRSE
Emerita Professor

Felicity Riddy was educated at the universities of Auckland and Oxford and has wide interests in late-medieval literature and culture. She also has a long-standing interest in medieval Scottish literature as an editor and critic. She has written on women's reading and writing, and more recently has been working on urban culture, with articles on urban courtesy texts, romances, devotional reading and domesticity.

Tel: 01904 631484

John Roe
BA (Cantab), MA (Harvard), MA (Cantab), PhD (Harvard)
Emeritus Professor

John Roe's main research areas are Shakespeare, and English and Italian Renaissance literature.  His publications include The Poems of Shakespeare (an edition) and Shakespeare and Machiavelli.  He has a keen interest in modern American poetry and has also contributed 'John Berryman' to the Continuuum 'Great Shakespeareans' series.  An abiding passion is the work of the novelist Anthony Powell, and he is a trustee of the Anthony Powell Society.  Following his retirement from York he has taught in Germany at the University of the Saarland.

Derwent College D/J/223
Tel: 01904 323339 richard.rowland@york.ac.uk

Richard Rowland
BA (York), MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
Senior Lecturer

Richard Rowland joined the department in 2001, after teaching for more than a decade at the University of Oxford. He has edited plays by Marlowe, Chapman and Jonson, and also works on the reception and reinvention of ancient drama.


Paul Sayer
Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow 2014-15 Derwent College D/L/140
Tel: 01904 324217 paul.sayer@york.ac.uk

Paul will provide a free and confidential consultation service to help students improve their writing.  He is the author of eight novels and has also written for the Sunday Times and other publications.  He has been a tutor for the Arvon Foundation and was the RLF Fellow at Leeds University, specialising in human geography and environmental studies. He has a particular interest in all mental and general health matters but is open to writing enquiries on most subjects.

Derwent College D/J/206
Tel: 01904 324718

Erica Sheen
AGSM, BA (London), PhD (London)
Senior Lecturer

Erica Sheen teaches and researches in the Renaissance and in cinema, especially American and European cinemas in the Cold War. After a first career as an orchestral musician, she held a Junior Research Fellowship at Wolfson College Oxford, and subsequently taught at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Sheffield. Her current project is provisionally titled Cold War Shakespeare.

William H. Sherman Derwent College D/J/003

BA (Columbia), MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Bill Sherman is Head of Research at the Victoria & Albert Museum and Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of York. He would be happy to hear from students, colleagues and potential collaborators about any matters of mutual interest.

Derwent College D/J/002
Tel: 01904 323359 freya.sierhuis@york.ac.uk

Freya Sierhuis
MA (UvA, Amsterdam), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (European University Institute, Florence)

Freya Sierhuis joined the department in 2013 as Anniversary Research Lecturer from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, where she was Exzellenzinitiative Research Fellow at the Department of Anglistik und Amerikanistik and Junior Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies. Her research interests include early modern English and Dutch literature; literature and religion; intellectual history 1500-1700; the emotions in early modern culture; the work of Fulke Greville.

Derwent College D/J/123
Tel: 01904 323353 helen.smith@york.ac.uk

Helen Smith
MA (Glasgow), PhD (York)

Helen Smith has published widely on material texts, women and print culture, and embodiment. Her research interests are in textual cultures and the history of the book, conversion narratives, early modern women, matter, and things. She is currently writing a book which brings together early modern and modern theories of matter and objects to trace an enduring history of vitalism.

Derwent College D/J/218A
Tel: 01904 323351 michael.springer@york.ac.uk
Michael Springer
BA, MA (Rhodes), PhD (York)
Teaching Fellow

Michael Springer began teaching at York in 2014, after completing a PhD on Samuel Beckett’s influence on the contemporary novel in the department. His research interests include influence and inheritance, the legacies of Jena Romanticism, and the modernist, post-modernist and contemporary novel.  


Kings Manor K/186
Tel: 01904 323922

Matthew Townend
MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Matthew Townend’s research interests are in the language, literature, and history of Viking Age England; Old Norse poetry; and late Anglo-Saxon literary culture. He is also interested in Anglo-Saxon and Norse medievalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the relationship between philology and literature.

Kings Manor K/275A
Tel: 01904 323915

Elizabeth M. Tyler
BA (Yale), MPhil (Glasgow), DPhil (Oxon)

Elizabeth Tyler is Professor of Medieval Literature. Her research and teaching focuses on the literary culture of England from the 9th to the 12th century: that is from the time of Alfred the Great to the time of William of Malmesbury and Geoffrey of Monmouth. Situated at the intersection of literary study with intellectual, social and political history, her work stresses the international nature of English literature and draws attention to the key role England plays in the flourishing of European literary culture across the early and high Middle Ages. 


Derwent College D/J/122
Tel: 01904 323334

Geoffrey Wall
BA (Sussex), BPhil (Oxon)

Geoffrey Wall is a literary biographer. His current project, for OUP, is a biography of George Sand, the major woman writer of French Romanticism. He also has a strong interest in oral history and is working on a compilation of life-history interviews with political activists.

Derwent College D/J/106
Tel: 01904 323338

Richard Walsh
BA (Leeds), PhD (Cantab)

Richard Walsh came to York from Cambridge in 1995; he has research interests in narrative theory, 20th-century American literature, innovative fiction, early cinema, narratives in new and interactive media, and complexity. He is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies.

contact c/o the English Department

Nicola Ward Jouve
Lic ès-L, Dip Et Sup, Agr de L'Un, Anc EI ENS de Sèvres
Emerita Professor

Nicole Ward Jouve is Emeritus Professor of Literature at the University of York, has published fiction and essays in English and French, and has research interests in psychoanalysis, spirituality and self-development, and writing family memoirs as well as fiction.

Kings Manor K/173B
Tel: 01904 324978

James Watt
BA, MA, PhD (Cantab)
Senior Lecturer

James Watt arrived at York after two years of a post-doctoral research fellowship at St Catharine's College, Cambridge. He has written a number of essays and articles that deal with eighteenth century and Romantic-period orientalism, and which feed into his current book project, provisionally titled British Orientalisms, 1759-1835.

Derwent College D/J/217A
Tel: 01904 323350

Claire Westall
BA (Warwick), MSc (Bristol), PhD (Warwick)

Claire Westall previously taught in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick University. Her research interests include: postcolonial literature and theory, particularly questions of the nation and national identities; postcolonial rethinking of Englishness, Britishness and the legacies of empire; and the economic, cultural and literary consequences of globalisation.

Derwent College D/J/207
Tel: 01904 324719 james.williams@york.ac.uk

James Williams
MA (Oxon), PhD (Cantab)

James Williams came to York in 2012 from Oxford, where he held lectureships at Brasenose College and Jesus College.  His research interests include Victorian and Modernist poetry; Victorian nonsense writing and its influence; poetic form and metre; and the works of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

Tel: 01904 323366

Judith Woolf
BA (Sussex), PhD (York)
Honorary Fellow

Judith Woolf's main academic research areas are twentieth century Italian-Jewish writers, especially Primo Levi and Natalia Ginzburg; life writing, especially in relation to the Holocaust; the relationship between photography and Victorian and Edwardian fiction; and narrative patterns in European literature.


King's Manor K/G86
Tel: 01904 324981 george.younge@york.ac.uk
George Younge
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


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