York Science

York Science is the most recent curriculum development project from the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG).

Improving student learning

The aim of this project is to develop teaching resources that will help teachers to improve the quality of their students’ learning in science. 

Based on research evidence and experience, we think that the two principal keys to improving learning are:

  • Having clear and precise learning outcomes in mind for every teaching episode.
  • Monitoring students’ learning during the teaching process, so that you (or they) can immediately act on what you find.

Embedding assessment

To obtain evidence of learning teachers need questions and tasks they can use. The project is developing questions and tasks that will elicit evidence of learning for all of the important learning aims of Key Stage 3 Science.

The resources are being trialled by teachers and their feedback taken into account in future developments.

Find out more

A new website and blog for the York Science project will be launched in 2015.

In the meantime, to find out more about the project please download our leaflet (PDF  , 2,908kb) and follow us on Twitter (@York_Science).

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The Salters’ Institute supports York Science 

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Embedding assessment to improve learning

York Science Embedding assessment (PDF  , 2,112kb)