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I joined the department in September 2010, after completing my PhD at the University of Nottingham (School of English Studies; thesis: ‘A quadripolar model of identity in adolescent foreign language learners’). I have an MEd in TESOL (with a dissertation on involvement avoidance in language learning), a BA in English Language and Literature (dissertation on a critical interpretation of identity in literature) and Qualified Teacher Status for England. I have been teaching/ lecturing for 20 years in EFL, ESP, EAP and HE contexts in the UK and abroad. I have also taught computer-assisted quantitative and qualitative data analysis at the University of Nottingham and now at York.

Modules I currently teach/ co-teach in the department:

  • Teaching English for Academic Purposes (MA)
  • English Linguistics (MA)
  • Planning and Communicating Research (MA)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis (MA, PhD)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (UG)

Modules I (co)taught in the department in the past:

  • Identity and Foreign Language Learning (MA)
  • Language and Culture (MA)
  • Computer-Assisted Language Learning and eLearning (MA)
  • Introduction to Skills for Studying Education – Argumentation (UG)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis software (PhD)

I supervise UG, MA and PhD students.

Departmental roles

MA TESOL Programme Leader until October 2014.




My research focuses on the following areas:

  • self and identity in foreign language learning and teaching
  • perceived relevance and uptake of foreign languages in English-speaking countries
  • student-centred education
  • relationships between student perceptions and achievement
  • adolescent identity development

I welcome PhD applications in the above or related areas. (Please note I am unable to assess applications or research proposals submitted by email. Please apply online following the guidelines available on the PhD webpage.)

Current projects

Recently completed:

Research group(s)

Centre for Language Learning Research


  • British Council ELT Research Partnership award: Identity and foreign language learning: A comparison of four European countries (principal investigator), 2011-2012
  • British Academy small research grant: Improving the perceived relevance of Modern Foreign Languages in Year 9 (principal investigator), 2011-2012
  • Departmental pump priming grant: Improving the perceived relevance of MFLs in Year 9: A pilot study  (principal investigator), 2011
  • Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust - Small doctoral research award: A quadripolar model of identity in adolescent foreign language learners, 2009
  • Lumen Publishing, Romania - National Award for Encouraging Young Researchers, 2007


Ongoing PhD projects

  • Keita Takashima - The development of L2 identity in Japanese children in immersion schools
  • Abigail Parrish - The diversification of foreign language provision in the UK
  • Rolla Massri - Attitudes to English language learning in Saudi Arabia
  • Noha Halabi - Conceptualising learner autonomy in Saudi Arabia
  • Dewi Rosmala - L1 interference in Indonesian EFL students’ L2 writing
  • Farihah Mazmi - English language communication competence and employability amongst final-year undergraduates in Malaysia
  • Tasnima Aktar - English language listening strategies and strategy instruction in Bangladesh
  • Lin Liu - The English language learning motivation and identity of Chinese students

PhD Thesis Advisory Panels

  • Xinyuan Xu - Cultural differences in teachers' interactions with students
  • Ali Bostancioglu - Online communities of practice in ELT
  • Muna Kashoob - ELT materials evaluation in Oman
  • Clare Cunningham - Teachers' views on home languages in UK primary schools

External activities


Editorial duties

Peer reviewer for:

Invited talks and conferences

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