Dr. Paul Schweinzer
Senior Lecturer



  • MSc(Vienna)
  • MSc(LSE)
  • PhD(Birkbeck)

Deputy Director, Centre for Mechanism and Institution Design.

Departmental roles

  • Communications Strategy Director
  • UG Publicity and Prospectus Officer
  • Web Committee (ex officio Communications Strategy Director)


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

  1. Agreeing on efficient emissions reduction (PDF  , 526kb)" with O. Bos and B. Roussillon, accepted at Scandinavian Journal of Economics.
  2. Implementation without Incentive Compatibility (PDF  , 306kb)", with M. Shimoji, Games and Economic Behavior, 91, 2015, 258--67.
  3. "Probabilistic Procurement Auctions (PDF  , 260kb)", with T. Giebe, Review of Economic Design, 19, 2015, 25–46.
  4. ‌"Consuming your way to efficiency (PDF  , 455kb)", Public goods provision through non-distortionary tax lotteries," with T. Giebe, European Journal of Political Economy, 36, 2014, 1–12.
  5. "All-pay-all aspects of political decision making (PDF  , 221kb)", with T. Giebe, Public Choice, 161(1), 2014, 73-90.
  6. "The optimal prize structure of symmetric Tullock contests (PDF  , 196kb)", with E. Segev, Public Choice, 153(1), 2012, 69--82.
  7. "When queueing is better than push and shove (PDF  , 272kb)", with Alex Gershkov, International Journal of Game Theory, 39(3), 2010, 409--430.
  8. "Sequential bargaining with common values (PDF  , 316kb)", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 46, 2010, 109--21.
  9. "Efficient Tournaments within Teams (PDF  , 266kb)", with Alex Gershkov and Jianpei Li, RAND Journal of Economics, 40(1), Spring 2009, pp. 103–-19.
  10. "Labour market recruiting with intermediaries (PDF  , 158kb)", Review of Economic Design, 12(2), 2008, 119–27.
  11. "The Roles of Stories in Applying Game Theory", with Till Grüne-Yanoff, Journal of Economic Methodology, 15(2), 2008, 131--46.
  12. "Two competing paradigms in Austrian economic theory (PDF  , 148kb)", Notizie di Politeia, 59, 2000, 44--66.



  • Game theory
  • Contract theory
  • Microeconomic theory

Recent work

"How to share it out: The Value of Information in Teams (PDF  , 318kb)", joint with Alex Gershkov and Jianpei Li, University of York Discussion Paper discussion paper, 14/08.

"The Parental Co-Immunization Hypothesis", with Miguel Portela, University of York Discussion Paper 13/27 (1327 (PDF  , 597kb))

"Auctioning risk: The all-pay auction under mean-variance preferences (PDF  , 413kb)" with B. Klose, University of York Discussion Paper 12/32.

"Efficiency in strategic form games: A little trust can go a long way" with Jianpei Li, University of York Discussion Paper 13/19 (1319 (PDF  , 270kb)).

"Labelling contests with endogenous precision (PDF  , 372kb) " with Pierre Fleckinger and Beatrice Roussillon, Discussion paper.

"Of Good and Bad Bandits", with Alex Gershkov, Discussion paper.

"Menstrual synchronisation and monogamy", with Thomas Gall, University of Manchester discussion paper.

"Sequential Bargaining with Common Values (PDF  , 383kb): The case of bilateral incomplete information" , SFB/TR 15 working paper #136



  • Applied Microeconomics 2
  • Design and Analysis of Mechanisms and Institutions
  • Game Theory
  • Public Sector Economics


Dr. Paul Schweinzer

Paul Schweinzer
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Room: A/EC/008

Tel: 01904 323799

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