Producing web content

We're here to help with all aspects of producing web content. The resources below will help you to create better web pages with more diverse uses.

Quick reference guide

The Quick Reference sheet for building University websites.

The quick reference guide (PDF  , 1,301kb) is full of useful tips to help you quickly and efficiently create great-looking web pages.

Web content management system (CMS)

The Web CMS

The Web CMS is a tool used to manage and publish content on a website. No specialist software or technical knowledge of web technology is required.

Search and statistics

Search rankings

See search and statistics for information on how you can make your pages more likely to be found by search engines, and how to find out about who visits your pages.



If you need to gather information from your website visitors, you'll probably need to use forms. You can either have each form submission emailed to you, or have the submissions stored in a spreadsheet.

Creating homepages

How to create better homepages

We've created a cheat sheet with some tips on how to present the best possible face of your department to the web.


We also provide a supported Dreamweaver template for departments not yet using the Web CMS.

Images and multimedia

Images and multimedia

Images and multimedia help keep your pages interesting and get your message across better. Used well, they are often at least as valuable as the words on a page.

Writing for the web

Writing for the web

Find out why writing for the web is different to writing for printed publications, and find out how to get your message across in the best possible way.


Improving accessibility for people with disabilities improves content for all users. Find out how to make your web pages easier to use.