Skills Forge

SkillsForge is the University's online record of training and professional development for PhD students.  All PhD researchers should automatically have an account.  Visit to log in.

How do I log in to Skills Forge?

Use your ordinary biology username and password to login. For further information on using Skills Forge, review the How do I use Skills Forge? (MS Word  , 236kb) document.

It won't let me log in - what should I do?

This means that for some reason, you are not "on the system". This could be because you are very new in the department, haven't been allocated a supervisor, or there's some problem with your student number (called your SITS number).    If you can't log in, contact Jamie Wood, who will pass your details to the person that sorts out the accounts.

I've done some training, but it hasn't appeared on Skills Forge. What should I do?

There are some things that should automatically appear, and others that you have to tell Lorna or Betsy about.

Things that should appear automatically are:

  • training courses you do with RDT or POD
  • training courses that you do here in the Department of Biology

There are other things that you will need to tell us about. These include:

  • conferences
  • external training courses
  • outreach events
  • researchers in residence

Can I fill in Reflection form on Skills Forge?

To do this on Skills Forge:

  • log in
  • click on Record my own development activity
  • Select which type of activity you've done (e.g.volunteering)
  • Fill in the form that opens up, selecting which of the RDF Domains (A, B, C or D) it relates to)
  • Click the Request Points radio button