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Having completed a PhD at the University of Leicester on Early Medieval Landscapes (more specifically on the riveting problem of the evolution of the sand-dune system around the early-medieval site of Green Shiel on Lindisfarne), he went to work as a research fellow in Aix-en-Provence with joint CNRS/Université de Provence laboratory, the Centre Camille Jullian. This part of the European Union funded Populus project considered methodologies in Mediterranean landscape Archaeology. He was responsible for the landscape reconstruction working party, and co-edited the recently published volume Environmental Reconstruction in Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology.

After the Mediterranean, the Caribbean beckoned, and after two years in Jamaica; teaching anything and everything from Human Evolution to the archaeology of Slavery, Kevin returned to Aix where he developed landscape projects with French colleagues on the Ste Victoire Mountain and in the French Alps.

His second area of interest relates to the politics (in its broadest sense) of heritage conservation and display, his book on this subject, The Representation of the Past, was published in 1992 by Routledge and is now available as an e-book.



Walsh has established an international reputation for his work on high altitude landscapes, with two major projects investigating the long term history of human activity in the Alps. One of the first to take a fully diachronic approach to Alpine landscapes, he has used an innovative combination of survey, excavation and palaeoecological methods to establish full Holocene sequences of activity, and has used these to understand the changing use and perception of these dramatic landscapes over the long term. 

One of the cornerstones of this research has been the commitment to integrate geoarchaeological methods within a theoretically informed approach to landscape and society. Focussed in particular on the contribution of soils and sediments, Walsh’s arguments for a ‘Cultural Geoarchaeology’ have achieved a high profile through a series of papers in international journals.  

Future research will see further fieldwork in the Alps, and the development of new research in Greece. This will develop a transect linking existing projects at Stymphalos (high altitude) and Sikyon (coastal zone), the combination creating the basis for a long term cultural geoarchaeology of the Peloponnese.  In addition, Walsh will complete a major book for CUP; “Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology: An environmental perspective”.

Kevin also collaborates with a Centre National de la Recherche (CNRS) team based in Toulouse on a new mountain archaeology and environmental change project based in the Pyrenees. This project is part of the much broader CNRS initiative called Observatoire Homme-Milieu, Pyrénées – Haut Vicdessos (OHM).  The aim of this project is to bring together ecologists, palaeoecologists and archaeologists in a project that considers all aspects of human-environment dynamics in a mountain landscape.The link to the project web pages is listed below

Current projects

External activities


  • Research Fellow in the Centre Camille Jullian, CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, Co-organiser of Conference session at EAA, Lyon, 2004

Editorial duties

Invited talks and conferences

  • Invited talks at EAA, 2009, 2010
  • Invited lecture, Department of Archaeology, Tufts, Boston 2008


  • Contibuted to display panels in Ecrins National Park visitor centre, Vallouise, France.

  • Member of scientific committte for, and participated in the museum display "Premier Bergers des Alpes", Musee Dauphinois, Grenoble, France.


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