Potential NERC funded student projects

1.  Finding the Mesolithics: Accessing biomolecular information from bone fragments

An integrated osteological, proteomic and isotopic study approach to discover hidden records of the last hunter-gatherer-fishers in Britain

2. New approaches to exploring palaeodiet through ancient human faeces

Using combined microscopy and organic geochemistry to pull apart the dietary record entrapped in coprolites

3. Medieval livestock; from death to dissolution

A zooarchaelogical study building up state of the art genetic analyses to examine changes in cattle and sheep husbandry from the Black Death to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

 4. ZooMing in on Viking Trade

Using proteomic and isotopic analyses of  worked-bone objects and manufacturing debris, in order to investigate trade dynamics and culture contact in Viking-Age northern Europe

5. East African archaeochemistry

The aim of this project is to use a range of geochemical and micromorphological techniques to reconstruct the spatial organisation of abandoned pastoralist sites in Kenya.


Want more information?

Contact respective supervisors for more information before completing the online application for PhD study by May 2nd 2012.

We are anticipating that interviews will be held on Monday June 18th for this award.


Applicants should normally have, or be studying for, a Master‟s degree or similar postgraduate qualification.

To be eligible for the full award

  • The student has been ordinarily resident in the UK throughout the 3-year period preceding the date of application for an award, and
  • Has not been resident in the UK, during any part of that 3-year period wholly or mainly for the purposes of full time education, and
  • Has settled status in the UK within the meaning of the Immigration Act 1971 (i.e. is not subject to any restriction on the period for which he/she may stay).

For full details see the NERC studentship pages

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