Academic Practice

Peer Support for Teaching (PST)

Peer Support for Teaching is core to the University’s pursuit of high quality and continuously improving educational provision

It should be a means of enabling, and tangibly demonstrating commitment to, real improvement in the quality of learning and teaching.

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) is a 60 credit Masters-level programme designed to both support and enhance the engagement of University of York staff with their academic responsibilities.

PGCAP is primarily aimed at new academic staff who have less than three years full-time teaching experience.


The Public Intellectual

What is the role and responsibilities of the Public Intellectual - to truth, to society, to our disciplines and to ourselves?

The above paper by Dr John Issitt and Dr Duncan Jackson looks at these and other issues.

Linking Teaching and Learning with Research

“Teaching and Learning take place in a supportive environment, informed by research” (University Plan 2009-2019, 1.7)

Research intensive universities emphasise the symbiotic relationship between teaching, student learning and research as a key characteristic of the education they offer.  But what the relationship is precisely is often not clearly articulated.  These workshops will use the research base to explore the theoretical possibilities, and work through practical ways and examples of how teaching, learning and research can be brought together to promote an educational experience for students that is genuinely research informed. 

Formative Evaluation of Teaching

Teaching staff, the teaching they undertake and the programmes they teach on are all extensively evaluated.  For many, however, the purpose of such evaluation is more to do with accountability than it is to do with providing genuine insight into how practice and student learning can be improved.  These workshops consider the concept of evaluation from a formative perspective, using research to look at what might be meant by quality teaching and quality student learning, and how genuinely useful information can be collected to improve both.